Extensive Livestock Advisor

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Apply by 30 April 2012
Posted on 7 June 2014

Job Description


SNV Kenya is looking qualified ‘livestock value chain experts’ for different ASAL programs (Short and long term assignments – Local Positions)

SNV is a Dutch based international Development Organization that
provides market based solutions for the poor through local institutions and organizations in more than 33 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Started in 1967, SNV program in Kenya is organized in 3 sectors combined with multidisciplinary
portfolio teams of about 8 core advisors each.
SNV Kenya has three portfolio offices based in South Rift (With an
office in Nairobi), Northern Kenya (With an office in Nanyuki) and North Rift (With an office in Eldoret).

Our advisory services are focused on three sectors: Agriculture (value chain development, inclusive business), Renewable Energy, Water and sanitation. Governance is an important cross-cutting issue; Accountability, Sustainability, gender equity and social inclusion are key (good) governance principles pursued by SNV within the sectors. SNV contributes to poverty reduction by providing capacity development services to partner organizations at “meso” and national level in
order to improve their performance, so that they can make better deliberate choices, deliver appropriate services to their constituencies (or members) and defend the interests of poor people.

Our national and international advisors provide advisory services by; developing organisational and leadership capacities, catalysing market-based solutions promote the development and leveraging of knowledge, and support policy dialogue at national level. This is achieved through a mix of facilitation of products and services that include, Producer group strengthening, Value chain services provider strengthening, Market intelligence, Multi-stakeholder dialogue Value chain financing, promote the development and brokering of knowledge, and support policy dialogue at national level. Inclusive Business approach and Impact investment advisory services complement delivery of our facilitation
services in the Agriculture sector.

Our clients include government, private sector, farmer groups and NGOs. SNV Kenya has a track record in the development of rural enterprises and market systems especially in the ASALs, all these programmes are about improving rural incomes and livelihoods through strengthening of different markets systems to catalyse businesses, trade and services.

Key function/Responsibilities

1. Support to market systems

    The position will support realization of the goal to improve pastoral livelihoods through sustainable market systems through:
  • Facilitating Multi-stakeholder platforms geared towards improving the livestock and livestock products market systems.
  • Strengthening livestock markets in ASALs to enable them offer all year round transaction space for pastoralists.
  • Building capacity of livestock BDS providers in ASALs to enhance delivery of quality and effective services.
  • Facilitating farmers /Livestock producers linkages with private sector
  • Designing strategies for supporting producers groups in commercializing fodder production and linking to the Markets.
  • Developing new innovative approaches for facilitating livestock keeper’s access to markets.

2. Camel milk

The position will support commercialization of the Camel milk
sector in order to contribute to economic empowerment and food security in the Kenya Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASAL) by:

  • Developing strategies for the commercialization of camel milk.
  • Supporting establishment strengthening of camel milk cooperatives and businesses to become viable enterprises.
  • Building capacity of women-led camel milk enterprises with the aim of enhancing women’s benefits from camel business
  • Developing and supporting strategies that enhance the
    commercialization in camel milk sector
  • Establishing linkages between the co-operatives with key service
    providers i.e. processors; financial institutions; donors, research / technology institutions etc.
  • Supporting up scaling of interventions within the sector



  • Master degree or equivalent experience in economic development, private sector development business development in line with SNV’s mission and programs and at least 5 years of work experience is required.
  • Academic training and/or practical experience in agriculture value chain development, business development, Market access for the poor approaches(M4P), rural development, governance, gender mainstreaming and governance; within the context of Arid and semi-arid regions (ASAL).

Skills & Knowledge

  • Experience in supporting agriculture value chains and market systems in arid and semi-arid regions
  • Deep personal commitment pro-poor (BOP) and in particular social-economic-political development that empowers marginalized small holder farmers including women as
    critical value chain actors.
  • Thorough understanding of the principal issues facing extensive livestock value chain and low-income communities in the Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) regions gained through experience with producer organizations, private sector, civil society, or government.
  • Commitment to development strategies that empower and commercialize extensive livestock value chain actors through inclusion in the largely private sector.
  • Basic understanding skills in gender mainstreaming in
    the value chain analysis
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written in English (This role will oversee production of local information dissemination presentations and periodic narrative reports. Experienced in project development, proposal writing, project and work planning, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting; experience with theory of change, log frame and DCED methodology.

Personal attributes:

In addition to professional qualifications and work experience,
the candidate shall be expected to be:

  • A self-motivated achiever with demonstrated ability for self-steering.
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong in report writing skills
  • Good in resource management and organizational skills.
  • Proficient in MS Word & excel at an advanced level.
  • In a position to demonstrate knowledge of relevant Networks and networking skills.

Duty Station

Nanyuki - Northern Kenya Portfolio and Nairobi office South Rift.

Contract Duration

SNV has openings for both short-term and long term assignments. More details shall be discussed with successful applicants.

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