Female Enumerator Support to ARTF-TPM Program in Afghanistan

  • Entry-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 7 August 2018
  • Arlington, Texas, United States
  • Closing on 6 September 2018

Job Description

Female Enumerator Support to ARTF-TPM Program in Afghanistan

Position: Female Enumerator

Duty Station: Badakhshan and Takhar Provinces

Company Profile

MSI is an international development firm with a 30-year history of helping to deliver results across the developing world. In 2016, we became a Tetra Tech company. This new partnership means we have greatly expanded our ability to respond seamlessly and flexibly to client needs. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at www.msiworldwide.com

Project Summary

In November 2015 MSI was awarded a three-year contract to conduct third party monitoring (TPM) of Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) projects for the World Bank. The ARTF-TPM program was put in place to meet a number of objectives:

  1. Given an increasingly challenging security environment, the TPM program provides critical data from the field as input to the World Bank’s implementation support and Government of Afghanistan GoA line ministries’ own monitoring systems. The TPM program provides data on nationwide project sites, including asset verification and quality assurance, where World Bank staff are not always able to systematically visit the sites of geographically widely disbursed projects.
  2. The TPM program provides additional evidence that World Bank-funded programs are being implemented correctly, provides assurance to donors, focusing on infrastructure quality assurance and social and environmental safeguards, gender issues and select financial/fiduciary aspects.
  3. The MSI provides GoA line ministries with project monitoring and data collection support and shows how such practices could improve GoA project performance and results. This also helps strengthen GoA line ministries’ own monitoring programs. The SA reports directly to the World Bank, but also works closely with GoA line ministries responsible for project implementation at local and central levels.

**Please note: Only Afghan citizens are eligible for this position. **

Position Description:

As part of the ARTF year III monitoring program, the World Bank has tasked Management Systems International (MSI) with collecting environmental, social safeguard and gender field data for various sub-projects. While performing this task, field engineers typically identify data sources such as beneficiaries, Community Development Council (CDCs) and ministry representatives to ask a pre-selected set of questions.

Questions pertaining to the local environment and local community beneficiaries (male) are aimed at understanding if/how World Bank Environmental and Social Safeguard (ESS) guidelines have been followed during both the planning and implementation phases of sub-projects.

While the male engineers may collect the data from male community members, female perspectives are missed in this approach due to cultural issues, and it has been difficult for the male engineers to speak with female members of the community, in order to understand their perspectives on female participation in project planning and execution.

The female enumerators will fill this gap by collecting gender-segregated data in all over 34 provinces. They are going to coduct focus group discussions and key information interview with female members of the Community Development Concil (CDC) and community members regarding female participation in election process, CDCs meeting, Community Development Plan (CDP), sub-committees and social exercises.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Collect ESS and gender-segregated data in the specified template (checklist) provided by MSI
  • Conduct focus group discussions, as needed, to get women’s perspectives on sub-project planning and execution
  • Collect environmental and social safeguards and gender data, and whether they have been followed according to sub-project contract requirements
  • Conduct key information interviews with CDCs, school principals, School Management Shura (SMS), Irrigation Association (IAs) and Mirabs as needed
  • Visit Provincial Management Units (PMUs), Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) and regional offices to collect and/or verify sub-project specific data
  • Provide input for data collection checklist
  • Participate in coordination and/or review meetings with the World Bank and the ministries as needed
  • Participate in training programs organized by MSI, the World Bank, and ministries, as needed
  • Prepare a detailed report of each site visit according to MSI standards and transfer the report to field engineer, Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP) Knowledge Manager and Compliance Department.
  • Comply with MSI security procedures to facilitate tracking during site visits, including making the required GPS notifications and reporting changes in security conditions
  • Comply with MSI project expense submission and reimbursement procedure
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by MSI senior management

Success Factors:

  • Candidates should possess enthusiasm towards her assigned tasks, have good human relationship skills, honesty, and the ability to work under pressure to accomplish work tasks within assigned time periods.

Travel Requirements:

Candidate should have the ability to travel throughout the sub-project location area to accomplish the duties for the position. Preference will be given to local candidates.

Application submission deadline is 2018 August 14th

Late applications will not be accepted.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Baccalaureate.
  • Minimum two (2) years’ work experience in a related field.
  • Familiarity with use of a smart phone.
  • Documented proficiency in fair English, Excellent Pashto and Dari.
  • Candidate must write her exact current/permanent address (City/Village, District and Province) on CVs


About the Organization

Tetra Tech is a global, leading consulting firm providing practical and sustainable international development services. From promoting peace, stability, rule of law, and economic growth, to health and education, to improved natural resource management, Tetra Tech brings an integrated approach that is focused on building the capacity of communities and individuals to create strong, healthy, and resilient societies. With over 16,000 employees in over 400 offices across the globe, Tetra Tech’s capabilities encompass the full life cycle of solutions. Tetra Tech is committed to diversity and gender equality in all of its operations, both in the US and overseas. We strive to reflect these goals in our global mission and in our workforce. We encourage applications from women and underrepresented ethnic, racial, and cultural groups. Tetra Tech is proud to be an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.

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