Finance and Contracts Assistant (Initiation)

Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 12 March 2018

Job Description

Post number: 271169
Place of employment: Belgium
Function Group: III
Unit: DEVCO R5
Contact point: Mr Andreas GLATZ
Deadline for application: 30/03/2018
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Job title
Finance and Contracts Assistant - Initiation

Overall purpose
1) To assist with the financial and contractual management of projects and contracts in the portfolio 2) To provide support and advice to operational colleagues on Finance & Contracts issues. 3) To contribute to reporting, supervision and monitoring tasks.

Functions and duties

BUDGET, FINANCE, CONTRACTS and ACCOUNTING - Financial initiation for operations

  • Assist operational initiators with the formal aspects of the preparation of a call for proposals tender dossier/ Indirect management
  • Supervise the respect of the Financial Regulation and the compliance with the applicable rules
  • Contribute to the preparation of grant agreements/ contracts/addenda with the selected beneficiary / contractors / implementing partners
  • Prepare payments ensuring that are financially and procedural/y correct, that is, in conformity with the contract and the regulations.
  • Ensure the function of Financial Initiator (payments, forecasts of revenue, recovery orders de-commitments) in ABA C.
  • Update the file maintained by the operational initiator with the work done by the financial initiator.

BUDGET, FINANCE, CONTRACTS and ACCOUNTING - Financial and contractual support to HQ colleagues

  • Provide advice and support on Financial and contractual procedures and rules during the whole project cycle.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of homogeneous and compatible procedures, norms and methods to process financial information and access to documents.
  • Prepare notes and analysis on financial/contractual issues.

AUDIT, CONTROL and INSPECTION - Monitoring / Control assistant

  • Ensure the implementation and follow-up of of the recommendations from audits/verifications/Court of Auditors/IAS and other control bodies
  • Assist the control bodies with the preparation of their assignements

BUDGET, FINANCE, CONTRACTS and ACCOUNTING - Aide a la mise en oeuvre des grocédures relatives au budget, aux finances, aux contrats et aux audits - cross-cutting tasks

  • Provide on the job training regarding contractual and financial issues
  • Follow-up of the budgetary execution

BUDGET and FINANCE - Information financie‘re / Reporting

  • Analysis of the financial performance of HO Units and contribution to the preparation of reports (KPI reports, EAMR-HQ, etc.)