Finance and Human Resources Manager

Abuja, Nigeria
Apply by 29 June 2018
Mid-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 31 May 2018

Job Description

CAMRIS seeks to engage a highly qualified and motivated team to implement the anticipated USAID Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI) Nigeria and Lake Chad Basin (NLCB) program. The 43-month program will support locally driven efforts to strengthen stability in Lake Chad Basin countries. All positions require a willingness to travel throughout Nigeria, including the northeast. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Working under the direction of the Senior Operations Manager/Deputy Chief of Party (SOM/DCOP), the Finance & Human Resources Manager (FHRM) will supervise all financial and human resources management aspects of the Nigeria & Lake Chad Basin (NLCB) Program in compliance with CAMRIS policies and procedures and USAID regulations. The FHRM’s tasks include preparation and tracking of budgets, budget projections, timely payments to vendors and consultants, daily recording of all expenses, weekly financial reporting to CAMRIS home office, revision and checking of monthly invoices prior to their submission to USAID, preparation of VAT and Duty reimbursement and/or exoneration requests. The FHRM will be responsible for developing and implementing finance and Human Resource (HR) procedures ensuring these are in compliance with CAMRIS policies and USAID regulations. The FHRM will provide finance and HR training and guidance to CAMRIS staff and partners. The FHRM is responsible for the transparent and competitive recruitment, hiring, and retention of qualified personnel for the NLCB program, in accordance with local labor law. The FHRM oversees finance, local staff HR, and administration policies and procedures, including recruitment, wage and salary administration, training, employee relations, and benefits in accordance with CAMRIS and USAID policies and procedures and consistent with local laws. S/he will provide recommendations to the SOM/DCOP and Chief of Party (COP) about how to improve finance & HR policies to meet the program’s requirements. Additionally, s/he is responsible for supervising, training, mentoring, and evaluating the performance of the FHRO, FHRS, FA, and AAR. This position will be based in the Abuja, Nigeria office, with program activities expected to be carried out throughout northeastern Nigeria and in other Lake Chad Basin (LCB) countries. Travel to the field and satellite offices in Maiduguri, Damaturu, and other areas of the Northeast as well as other LCB countries will be required.

* Manage all accounting, financial, HR, and administrative management systems across CAMRIS offices for the NLCB program.
* Manage finance and HR personnel and all local staff payroll procedures.
* Supervise, train, and mentor staff according to identified needs.
* Implement CAMRIS performance monitoring system for all finance and HR staff and establish clear performance standards and expectations.
* Interpret and provide guidance and instruction to subordinates/peers on finance and HR processes, policies, workflow, and help finance and HR staff prioritize tasks.

Finance & Accounting
* Develop and put in place written guidelines and systems for efficient and effective accounting and payment processes.
* Ensure all check payments, electronic funds transfers, advances, petty-cash and Mobile Money advances and transactions are entered accurately into CAMRIS’s accounting system.
* Ensure timely payment of all invoices, bills, and collections; analyze and reconcile accounts; and coordinate field office requests for funds with CAMRIS home office.
* Review and approve all disbursement/payment vouchers, including a thorough review of all supporting documents to ensure the goods are services being paid are adequately documented, approval thresholds are being followed, and procurement documentation, if required, is attached.
* Participate in installing and maintaining the Cloud-based accounting systems, procedures, and record keeping for all NLCB offices.
* Establish and maintain accounting records for all goods and services paid for and ensure strong internal review and controls are in place and being followed by the CAMRIS team.
* Manage all financial management systems, guides and forms in use to ensure compliance with relevant CAMRIS policies and procedures and USAID regulations.
* Track expenditure and payments for the procurement of goods and services, subcontracts, accounts payable, and recurrent bills.
* Produce weekly field office expense report in compliance with relevant CAMRIS policies, procedures, and formats.
* Prepare monthly bank reconciliations and follow-up and track all un-cleared checks.
* Ensure that there is adequate liquidity at all times to support timely payment of all program- and operations- expenses and prepare and submit funds requests in a timely manner to prevent any disruptions in activities or operations.
* Ensure that the project meets all USAID/OTI contractual requirements and ensure compliance with CAMRIS policies and procedures.
* Provide financial oversight, including the maintenance and monitoring of the NLCB program budget.
* Liaise with CAMRIS field and home offices regarding all financial matters and support internal or external audits.
* Process electronic funds transfer/check requests for payments to vendors in compliance with CAMRIS policies and procedures and USAID regulations.
* Participate in ongoing analysis, forecasting, and review of project expenses.
* Track the transfer of funds between CAMRIS home office and the field offices and manage accounting and finance records of in-country expenses, including developing tracking and monitoring all financial aspects of NLCB program activities.
* Prepare monthly reports on the financial status of NLCB program expenses, budget versus actual expenditure analysis, and monthly expenditure forecast for review and approval by CAMRIS home office.
* Provide SOM/DCOP and COP with updates on financial management of the NLCB program.
* Provide financial management and training on CAMRIS accounting system for NLCB staff.
* Provide training and guidance to grantees, local partners, and beneficiaries, as needed.
* Review and approve the financial close-out of program activities, and verify documentation and information is complete.
* Provide advice and guidance to Activity Management Teams (AMT) and senior management staff on the financial management aspects of the program and any financial implications of the implementation of existing or contemplated activities.
* Assure that invoicing and financial reporting procedures conform to CAMRIS home office systems and are understood by all CAMRIS employees and consultants, grantees, short-term technical assistance consultants, sub-contractors, service providers, and vendors.
* Participate with AMTs and senior management staff in the review and monitoring of activity implementation, to assess whether financial management of activities is efficient, effective, and supports the achievement of program and activity objectives.
* Assure confidentiality of information about the program and finances.
* Share and train staff and partners, as required, on USAID and CAMRIS policies, procedures, and forms.
* Supervise and oversee finance and HR staff based in the Abuja, field, and satellite offices.
* Participate in the recruitment and hiring processes for finance and HR staff as required.
* Request and review monthly invoice prior to CAMRIS submission to USAID. Discuss any unclear postings with SOM/DCOP, COP, and/or CAMRIS home office.
* Prepare monthly VAT reports, if VAT is paid on goods and/or services procured. As required, submit VAT invoices to US Mission and liaise regularly with USAID to track pending VAT reimbursement from host government.
* Support SOM/DCOP, COP, and CAMRIS home office staff to update budget versus actual expenditure and forward cost projection tracker.
* Provide disbursement file for all transactions charged to activities and summary for Database & GIS Specialist to upload to the USAID/OTI Database.
* Update and circulate financial tracking spreadsheet for USAID/OTI and CAMRIS staff to compare actual activity expenditure against detailed budgets and support AMTs to analyze activity budgets at least monthly to ensure budget modifications are prepared and submitted to USAID/OTI in a timely manner.
* Support the SMT and CAMRIS home office staff to prepare pipelines and budget modification requests, if required, for incremental funding obligations.
* Work closely day-to-day with the SOM/DCOP and respond to any additional assignments given by the COP.

Recruitment, HR & Administration
* Develop and implement policies regarding human resources activities, such as recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations, and performance management.
* Lead and manage recruitment of employees and short-term technical assistance (STTA) consultants.
* Post job and consultancy advertisements on the NLCB website, in local media, outlets on online and physical job notice boards,
* Organize and review CVs for advertised positions, and shortlist candidates in collaboration with SOM/DCOP, RPM, Regional Program Manager (RPM), and COP.
* Administer exams to applicants and schedule interviews.
* Vet candidates by doing thorough reference and background checks and reviewing and verifying documents presented to substantiate both education and salary history.
* Support selected candidates to complete and/or correct their 1420 Employee Biographical Data form.
* Prepare hiring memorandums to document and ensure transparent and competitive recruitment process.
* Process, verify, and maintain documentation relating to personnel activities such as staffing, recruitment, training, grievances, performance evaluations, and position and job classifications.
* Analyze staffing needs, draft position descriptions, and justify position grade classification.
* Publish employee and consultancy vacancies and oversee and lead recruitment, interviews, and selection of applicants.
* Provide employees with information about HR policies, employee benefits, job requirements, wages, and opportunities for promotion.
* Administer compensation, benefits (including staff care), and performance management systems.
* Advise supervisors and staff on organizational policy matters such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment.
* Plan and conduct new employee orientation, encouraging enthusiasm among staff about NLCB program and objectives.
* Analyze training needs to design employee development, language training and health, safety, and staff care programs.
* Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting contracts, and resolving work-related issues.
* Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.
* When needed, contract with vendors to provide employee services, such as background verification and health and life insurance.
* Assist supervisors and staff to understand and effectively using the CAMRIS Performance Evaluation System.
* Mediate conflict, grievances, and harassment cases.
* Make decisions on HR issues in consultation with the SOM/DCOP.
* Monitor time and attendance of staff, manage accrued leave, and process leave request forms.
* Maintain files for all employees and Short Term Technical Assistance (STTA) consultants, and casual laborers.
* Process and track the dates of employment and consulting agreements to ensure these do not lapse.
* Ensure all staff record hours on their timesheets daily and submit these by deadline in accordance with CAMRIS policy.
* Develop and cultivate a strong relationship with host country labor authorities.
* Review and discuss any issues related to employee or STTA agreements with the SOM/DCOP, COP, and local legal counsel.
* Induct and train new staff and STTA consultants on CAMRIS’s policies and procedures related to HR and administration.
* Ensure that booking for short- and long-term housing and hotel accommodation is done in advance of travel and arrivals.
* Ensure Logistics Officer dispatches drivers to the airport with a copy of the traveler’s name and flight itinerary and a sign with the name of the traveler and CAMRIS logo, if appropriate.
* Ensure visitors receive mobile phones and sim cards with key contact numbers loaded and emergency contact information for CAMRIS and USAID/OTI staff as appropriate.
* Coordinate with CAMRIS home office to secure USAID international travel authorization and make bookings for all international travel for CAMRIS staff, consultants, local partners, and/or beneficiaries.
* Any other duties and tasks as needed and assigned.

Required Skills & Experience:
* Four-year university degree in finance, accounting, business, or a related field required.
* Minimum of five (5) years general work history is required.
* Minimum of three (3) years professional experience in accounting and financial management for a USAID- or other international donor-funded program(s) or project(s) required.
* Minimum two (2) years of supervisory experience working in complex and challenging field operational contexts.
* Experience directly and indirectly supervising and managing staff and teams.
* In-depth understanding of USAID’s ADS, AIDAR, and the FAR, and the regulations which apply to NLCB activities and awards.
* In-depth knowledge of USAID’s policies and procedures in regards to financial management, financial reporting, and procurement processes, systems, and grant management.
* Prior experience working on a program which included grants or small grants under contract, preferably in-kind grants, and focused on rural and insecure areas.
* Demonstrated ability to solve challenging and complicated financial management and HR issues.
* Ability to develop in-depth understanding of and willingness to comply with all CAMRIS and USAID/OTI procedures and manuals (e.g., Activity Management Guide. Activity Cycle Flowchart. Field Procurement Guide. and Operational Communications, Emergency, Information, and Physical Security Plans).
* Experience with budgeting and cost analysis.
* Experience with USAID project finances and budgeting or similar work for other donors/U.S. Government agencies.
* Detail oriented, meticulous, and methodical in the approach to financial management.
* Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work cooperatively, tactfully and diplomatically with a culturally diverse group of people.
* Sensitivity in working with multiple cultures and beliefs, and commitment to gender equity.
* Strong ability to use and develop financial management and tracking systems.
* Willingness and ability to travel throughout northeastern Nigeria.
* Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
* Demonstrated experience in community participation/engagement-type projects and violence prevention.
* Knowledge of northeastern Nigeria and the NLCB program’s target states and communities.
* Ability to work under pressure, efficiently handle multiple tasks, quickly find creative solutions to problems and challenges that arise, and manage stress and time in a fast-paced work and fluid operating environment.
* Proficient with Microsoft Office software: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
* Excellent record keeping and documentation skills.
* Prior experience working in northeastern Nigeria and/or a conflict environment.
* Written and spoken fluency in English.
* Ability to work both independently and as a part of a team.

Preferred Skills & Experience:
* Prior experience with USAID- or US Government-funded projects.
* Prior experience using cloud-based accounting applications.
* Master’s degree in finance or accounting and chartered public accountant certification preferred.
* Experience with a USAID program with a large and high volume small grants component preferred.
* Proficiency in French and one or more of the local languages used in northeastern Nigeria (Hausa, Kanuri, and Fulfulde, etc.).

About the Organization

CAMRIS is known throughout the U.S. for its leading edge services to support our national programs and particularly for serving our Veterans. CAMRIS is also known worldwide for excellence serving client programs to improve economic, social, political, and health conditions of people in all parts of the world. For 45 years, since our first contact with USAID in 1963 and with work in every year since, our most important partner in the international sphere has been the United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”). In fact, CAMRIS has worked with USAID in each year since its founding. Before USAID we assisted its predecessor organizations dating back to the Kennedy Administration in 1961, to address humanitarian needs and to counter instability posed by underdevelopment. To date CAMRIS has carried out assignments for USAID in 50 countries in all regions and in many technical areas. Today CAMRIS continues this proud tradition as it works on significant USAID assignments in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our current work includes technical assistance to support major USAID-funded initiatives in the areas of Global Health, Democracy and Governance, Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation, and active assignments including several global initiatives and our present work in 24 countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Botswana, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe). ABOUT CAMRIS INTERNATIONAL CAMRIS is an International Development Consulting Firm working within the public and private sectors to advance the human and institutional capacities of organizations and communities worldwide. WHAT WE DO We apply a combination of proven interdisciplinary, scientific and management approaches to identify, develop and implement the most effective solutions in support of our clients' program goals. We do this most often in the areas of international development and global health, and selectively in additional areas where our cross-cutting capabilities are well suited to meet the needs of our clients. We operate in all regions of the world, often in very challenging or austere conditions. At all times our focus is on evidence-based effectiveness, quality, reliability, and sustainability. We successfully completed initiatives in nearly 80 countries to date. KEY CAPABILITIES * Short-Term and Long-Term Technical Assistance * Program Management Services * Institutional Support * Research and Analytic Support CORE PRACTICE AREAS * Monitoring and Evaluation * Capacity Building * Project Design * Knowledge Management * Adaptive Technologies * eLearning * Democracy and Governance * Infectious Diseases STAFF CAMRIS has grown rapidly over the last 5 years to a peak of 200 staff, complemented by highly experienced consultants and collaborating partners and universities. CAMRIS is headquartered in Bethesda, MD in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with remote offices, operations and worksites in various locations in the U.S. and overseas.

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