Finance Officer - Financial Management Capacity Building

Antananarivo, Madagascar
Apply by 5 April 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 6 March 2018

Job Description

Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd. (Cardno) is seeking a Finance Officer – Financial Management Capacity Building to join Cardno’s team in Antananarivo providing fiscal agent services to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. Gavi is a donor to Madagascar’s Ministry of Health working directly with the Unite de Coordination des Projets (UCP) to support health system strengthening activities and the provision of vaccinations.

The primary role of this position is to provide technical support and capacity building to stakeholders working under the Gavi grant. The Finance Officer will perform field visits during which he/she will verify the implementation of activities, the preparation of financial reporting, and provision of supporting documents. The position will require up to 65% time in the field outside of the capital of Antananarivo.

The Finance Officer will perform the following duties:

  1. Act as a core member of the Fiscal Agent team and directly participate and support all financial management related activities, including but not limited to:
  2. Act to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse at all levels of financial management for Gavi grant recipients.
  3. Review Gavi financial transactions and advise the Cardno team and other stakeholders of their compliance and quality as necessary.
  4. Perform site visits to review and collect the supporting documentation for specific activities, which have been implemented.
  5. Identify areas of weakness within the financial management capacity of the primary and sub grant recipients, including but not limited to: financial reporting, supporting documentation, financial management, unsupported spending, etc.
  6. Develop capacity-building plans according to already existing guidelines and procedure manuals.
  7. Implement capacity building activities at the central, regional, district, and community levels.
  8. Monitor outcomes of capacity building efforts and report progress in a clear and concise manner to Fiscal Agent team in Madagascar and Cardno HQ.
  9. Work in close collaboration with the primary grant recipient (UCP) to ensure that procedures are followed for cash advance requests.
  10. Monitor the financial reporting for cash advances outstanding at the central level in order to develop a system for following up with regions, districts, and community health centers.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 8 years’ of experience working in a similar financial management position for an international aid agency, development consultancy, accounting firm, or other professional services firm.
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge of international accounting standards, local tax law, budgeting, forecasting, and procurement processes.
  • Experience providing capacity building services related to financial reporting, budget management, compliance, and preparation of supporting documentation.
  • Master’s degree in accounting, finance, or management.
  • Professional level of spoken and written French and Malagasy.

Cardno International Development has a 50-year history of serving the U.S. Government’s foreign assistance objectives. The team brings together a broad range of experience and talent, a rich history of innovation and passion, and an established reputation for high quality services across many sectors. We have offices in Brisbane, Brussels, Dili, Jakarta, Manila, Melbourne, Nairobi, Oxford, Port Moresby, Yangon, and Washington, D.C.

About the Organization

Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd., is part of Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division with international development assistance companies in Brisbane, Brussels, Jakarta, Melbourne, Nairobi, Oxford, Port Moresby, and Washington, DC. Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd. was formerly Emerging Markets Group, Ltd. and brings nearly a 30-year history serving the objectives of bilateral and multilateral donors and private clients. The Emerging Markets Division brings together a broad range of experience and talent; a rich history of innovation, passion and commitment to international development and an established reputation for high quality demand and client driven services. Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division manages more than $750 million in current contracts and grants, brings together over 90 years of collective experience, and engages over 3,700 professionals in more than 100 countries. Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division currently implements over 130 projects globally.

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