Gender Advisor

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 6 July 2020

Job Description

Background: The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, self-government and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promoting democratic governance and advancing the rule of law. Specifically, the Intersectional Counter-Radicalization Project focuses on preventing violent extremism and supporting women’s social and political empowerment in the MENA region. Through partnerships with local CSOs, IRI is supporting women to recover from the effects of violence and to build communities that are more resilient against extremist ideologies and more supportive of women’s social and political participation. IRI and its partners will identify, train and support women leaders in target communities, funding local initiatives that address the drivers of radicalization, including conflict mitigation dialogues, outreach to youth and marginalized communities, psychosocial support and advocacy campaigns.

Period of Performance: Date of signature through September 30, 2021 with the option to extend for one additional year (if necessary).

Statement of Work: The gender advisor will design and conduct trainings and consultations with ICRP partners and beneficiaries on topics such as advocacy, peacebuilding, CVE, gender integration and inclusive MEL practices. The gender advisor will also provide ongoing follow-up consultations with partners throughout the program period based on the training topics. The advisor will also assist with data collection for MEL purposes, including IRI’s midline assessment.

The gender advisor will be based in Tunisia but will be utilized as a trainer for partners in all three program countries, traveling to Turkey and Lebanon as necessary.

Contractor must be able to train on one or more of the following topic areas:

  • Peacebuilding topics, to include conflict analysis and resolution, negotiation, human rights, transitional justice and reconciliation, and countering violent extremism.
  • Women’s political empowerment topics, to include trainings on designing, developing and implementing gender-inclusive and gender-transformative programming. Contractor should be able to provide trainings on international standards for women’s rights, women’s inclusion in peace and security, methods for advocating on women’s rights in conservative societies, and ways to ensure women’s inclusion in program activities.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning, including developing MEL plans and MEL tools, data collection and analysis, and designing inclusive MEL procedures.

IRI expects that the contractor will conduct at least two trainings per topic area over the course of the program.

Additionally, contractor will submit a report after each training or consultation based on the activities conducted. Reports will include:

• Organization consulted/trained • Number of attendees and significant attendees • Number of women and youth trained • Brief outline of the consultation/training • Results from the training (data from interviews, pre/post-tests, etc.) • Analysis, key takeaways and suggested follow-up from the consultation/training

Technical Bid: All bids submitted to IRI must include:

  • 1. Information addressing your experience in providing each of the services identified in the above Statement of Work and your proposed specific approach for providing those services to IRI under this contract, including sufficient information to determine a clear definition of services as it relates to other providers that may be involved.
  • 2. The name, address, and telephone and facsimile numbers of the bidder (and electronic address if available);
  • 3. Bidders shall provide contact information for a minimum of three professional references with whom the applicant has had a working relationship within the last 24-month period. IRI may contact these individuals.
  • 4. If the Bidder is a U.S. organization/resident, or a foreign organization/resident which has income effectively connected with the conduct of activities in the U.S. or has an office or a place of business or a fiscal paying agent in the U.S., the technical bids must contain Bidder’s Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • 5. Bids will not exceed 6 pages (not including cover page), using Times New Roman font, 1” margins.
  • 6. Attachment requirements:
    • CV/Resume which includes language proficiencies in Arabic and French.
    • Expert Service Rate Form provided at the end of this solicitation. IRI may contact previous clients and employers for professional references and compensation confirmation.
    • Cover Letter explaining interested areas of work to train on and qualifications in the chosen areas of interest. 4. Examples of previous training reports and recommendations.
    • Price should be presented as a daily rate for time spent preparing for or delivering trainings or interviews.
    • Contractor may provide one daily rate for online trainings and domestic trainings (in Tunisia) and a second daily rate for trainings conducted in other countries.

Deadline: July 17, 2020

About the Organization

IRI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by helping political parties to become more issue-based and responsive, assisting citizens to participate in government planning, and working to increase the role of marginalized groups in the political process – including women and youth.

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