Global Accounting Manager

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 5 July 2018

Job Description

Summary: Leads and manages an accounting team to complete daily, weekly, monthly and annual accounting tasks and activities. Provides training, support, and guidance to accounting staff, including training on accounting software, Pathfinder accounting policies and procedures, compliance with GAAP, US Government and other donor requirements, and addressing other needs relating to accounting.

Key Job Outcomes:

  1. Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting: Oversees the tracking of key indicators and the processing of monthly country office reporting, including the receipt, review, recording, reconciliation and consolidation of all income, expenses, and balance sheet items. Ensures allocations are accurately recorded.
  2. Compliance: Ensures standard financial systems and controls are established and maintained to provide appropriate level of controls over the organization’s resources. Assists with the development and implementation of effective tools, systems, policies and procedures that ensure consistent compliance. Reviews, and ensures compliance with GAAP and Pathfinder policies.
  3. Accounting Goal Setting: Sets and achieves annual goals specific to US processing of accounting, payroll, accounts payable and cash management. Monitors and analyzes department work to develop more efficient processes and procedures and use of resources while maintaining a high level of accuracy and timeliness.
  4. Monthly and Year-End Closings: Ensures the timely and accurate recording of financial information and reconciliations to facilitate the monthly and year-end closings.
  5. Accounting Goal Setting: Sets and achieves annual goals specific to country office processing of accounting, payroll, accounts payable and cash management. Monitors and analyzes country office work to develop more efficient processes and procedures and use of resources while maintaining a high level of accuracy and timeliness.
  6. Management and Supervision: Recruits, hires, manages, supervises and develops a staff to complete day-to-day activities.
  7. Training and Development: Provides training on accounting related topics as they relate to other business unit staff.
  8. Audit Preparation: Monitors to ensure financial reviews and analysis are carried out to facilitate a smooth annual audit process at the end of the year. Coordinates work paper preparation for the A-133 annual audit review. Liaises with the external audit firm.
  9. Accounting Records: Supports the maintenance of the accounting records of the organization in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and grant requirements.
  10. Project Management and Participation: Leads, manages or participates on cross-functional project teams

Minimally Required Job-Specific Competencies:

  • Accounting Principles, Regulations and Practices: Advanced knowledge of and proven ability to apply accounting principles, standards, guidelines, and practices. Advanced knowledge of FAR and GAAP.
  • Reporting: Proven ability to provide required reports specific to finance and accounting activities.
  • Reconciliation: Proven ability to reconcile accounts.
  • Consolidation Process: Proven ability to manage the consolidation process.
  • Audit Process: Advanced knowledge of the audit process, standards and guidelines.
  • Systems and Tools: Advanced knowledge of accounting software applications. Proven ability to apply third party software for reporting and analytics (JET).
  • Leadership and Management: Proven ability to lead, supervise and coach members of staff in different locations.

Minimally Required Organizational Competencies:

  • Courage: Confronts obstacles head-on and challenges the status quo to achieve our mission.
  • Innovation: Seeks out the most effective solutions, pilots new approaches, and modifies current practices to adapt to evolving mission needs.
  • Collaboration: Embraces diverse perspectives and disciplines across Pathfinder and joins with partners at the local, national and global levels towards a common vision and the realization of transformational change.
  • Integrity: Rigorously measures data, shares results and holds self and others accountable.
  • Respect: Understands and appreciates the values, beliefs, knowledge, and capabilities of our staff, our local partners, and the people we serve.
  • Develops Self and Others: Provides, seeks and acts upon feedback and coaching to maximize performance at individual, team and organizational levels.
  • Effective Communication: Actively listens and conveys clear and appropriate messages in both written and verbal forms across a global organization
  • Knows, Build and Uses Pathfinder Strengths: Learns, invests in, and uses the breadth of Pathfinder’s strengths at the individual, team and organizational level in order to advance Pathfinder’s work.
  • Vision: Creates and articulates a compelling vision for the future
  • Projects and Financial Management: Manages project implementation using systems and tools (e.g. workplan, budget, knowledge management tools, etc.) and effective communication.
  • Manage to Results: Holds self and others accountable to accomplish clear goals.
  • Decision-Making: Makes decisions and sets priorities, including deciding when to delegate and how to consult others.
  • Advocacy and Influence: Uses data and the Pathfinder brand to communicate Pathfinder’s impact.
  • External Relationships and Partnership Management: Fosters partnerships and relationships as a means to expand Pathfinder’s impact and visibility.
  • Knowledge of and Engagement with the SRHR Ecosystem: Develops and understanding in which Pathfinder operates and is an active member of that ecosystem.

Minimally Required Education, Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Management with an emphasis in Accounting, or related field, or equivalent
  • 8 years’ professional finance and accounting experience.
  • 4 years’ experience managing and supervising an accounting and finance staff
  • Work experience with a multinational organization.
  • Fluency in French
  • Prefer: Experience in the non-profit sector/experience with USAID

Other Information:

  • Travel required (10% or less)
  • Uses cellular and desk phone; laptop or desktop computer

About the Organization

Pathfinder International is driven by the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose. Since 1957, we have partnered with local governments, communities, and health systems in developing countries to remove barriers to critical sexual and reproductive health services. Together, we expand access to contraception, promote healthy pregnancies, save women’s lives, and stop the spread of new HIV infections, wherever the need is most urgent. Our work ensures millions of women, men, and young people are able to choose their own paths forward.

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