Good Governance, Security and Sustainable Development Specialists, Indonesia

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Management Systems International
Apply by 21 January 2013
Posted on 21 November 2012

Job Description

Company Profile: MSI is a Washington, D.C.-based international development firm providing specialized short- and long-term technical assistance. Since its 1981 founding, MSI has grown in size and technical scope, now implementing and managing more than 70 projects worldwide. More than 30 are long-term, many in conflict-prone or fragile states that include Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, our range of technical expertise includes analytical and field projects in democracy and governance, economic growth, strategic planning, organizational capacity building, health and the justice sector. MSI focuses on helping our local partners foster progress, manage change and improve the effectiveness of development assistance. We expanded our global footprint in 2008 by becoming part of Coffey International Development, a leading development firm that is part of Coffey International Limited, a publicly traded company on the Australia Stock Exchange. Alongside Coffey, MSI has corporate offices in 17 countries. Together, MSI and Coffey International Development employ more than 1,400 professionals worldwide. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

Proposal Summary:

The ASEAN-U. S. Partnership for Good Governance, Equitable and Sustainable Development and Security (ASEAN-U.S. PROGRESS) project will provide technical assistance, training, materials, and other resources as needed to support and enhance the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) capacity to advance good governance and regional security, and to promote equitable and sustainable human development in Southeast Asia. The activity will provide technical assistance to the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia, in order to expand its capacity to facilitate and support meetings, agreements and protocols and outreach central to ASEAN’s regional integration agenda. This USAID project is scheduled to begin in May 2013 and will be conducted over a 5 year period. The project office will located in Jakarta. Project work will be conducted there, as well as in ASEAN member states.

Position Summary:

We are seeking full-time and short-term specialists who can conduct technical assistance and training in the following areas:

a) Enhancing ASEAN’s ability to advance good governance and political and security integration, particularly in the areas of public-private sector dialogue, promotion of human rights, cooperation to combat transnational crimes and non-traditional security threats;

(b) Enhancing ASEAN’s ability to advance sociocultural integration, particularly in the areas of women’s and children’s rights, disaster management, and the capacity and quality of science-based policy-making; and

(c) Supporting the ASEAN Secretariat’s function to facilitate and support meetings, agreements and protocols central to the three Pillars, as well as Secretariat’s implementation of the ASEAN-U.S. Plan of Action, the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), and the Master Plan on Connectivity, particularly in the areas of project management, capacity for outreach and use of ICT in Secretariat’s activities.


  • Full-time specialists on the project staff will be responsible for interacting on a regular basis with ASEAN Secretariat officials to enhance the institutional capacity of ASEAN, promote sharing of information among member states, and planning for technical assistance provided over the longer term by the project. They will conduct training, provide technical assistance and monitor grants.
  • Short-term specialists will be assigned to conduct training workshops and provide technical assistance for the ASEAN Secretariat and for member countries in their areas of expertise.


  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience conducting assignments in good governance, regional security, sustainable human development issues required;
  • Southeast Asia regional experience required;
  • Master’s degree or other advanced degree required;
  • Experience working with multilateral/regional intergovernmental organizations;
  • Experience with USAID or other international donors;
  • The ability to travel is required; and
  • English language and another ASEAN member language fluency required.

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

To apply, please visit our website:

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