Grants Specialist - LHSS Jordan

  • Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 4 June 2020

Job Description

Job Summary

The Grants Specialist will have responsibility for the design and management of the LHSS Grants program and all related process. The LHSS Grants program serve two objectives of the COVID-19 Response plan. Objective 1: Provide the Jordanian private health sector with the necessary training and education to prepare them for COVID-19 emergency response and objective 5: Provide rapid support to improve Jordan’s immediate COVID-19 diagnostic capacity and address systematic gaps in Jordan’s lab network for infectious disease detection. This position coordinates closely with LHSS Grants manager and other LHSS staff in the development and implementation of activities and ensures timely reporting and accurate measurement of program outcomes.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the design of Request for Applications (RFAs), and the Grants Program Statement (GPS), that meet all program objectives and requirements
  • Manage the grants competition process: announcing the competition, holding the solicitation/orientation workshops, answering the questions posed in the workshops and sharing them with prospective applicants through the USAID Local Health System Sustainability Grants email, receiving applications, and preparing the packages to be reviewed by the Grant Evaluation Committee (GEC)
  • Work with the Grant Manager to convene the grants evaluation committee, document the GEC comments and shortlist summary, draft rejection emails and inform the shortlisted of the next steps, and prepare the competition summary and selection document
  • Work with the short listed grantees, to address comments and concerns raised by the Grant Evaluation Committee to finalize their proposals
  • Liaise with short-listed grantees to finalize budgets and budget narratives, ensuring that all costs are reasonable and necessary; obtain documentation to support budgeted costs for payroll, rent, utilities and other shared or unique costs
  • Conduct the pre-assessment tool with short-listed grantees, analyze the results and determine what supporting documentation is required to address any concerns
  • Prepare grant package including, the grant agreement, cost analysis, grantees security check documents, etc.
  • Work with the Grants Manager, CPD advisor, Finance team, to process the grants and subcontracts in unification with the Abt Associates, Jordan and headquarters contracts team
  • Manage the grant agreement awarding notifications and signing process.
  • Manage the orientation & kick off workshops/meetings
  • Prepare the information provided to the grantees during these meetings to insure that is accurate and up-to-date and lead the orientation workshop for the grantees
  • Conduct field visits to the assigned grantees and participate and attend key events and activities
  • Provide guidance and monitoring for the grants Manager, ensuring clarity over grants plans and priorities and encouraging effective team work
  • Contribute to developing best practices and tools for grants execution and management
  • Develops and delivers team plans, documentation, trainings, presentations and budget proposals to management and staff
  • Contribute to identifying and resolving project issues and implementing improvement plans to ensure project stays on schedule and within budget
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports to contribute in the Management and integration team progress reports

Any other tasks requested by the Admin and Finance Manager

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; complete fluency in written and spoken Arabic and in written and spoken English
  • Direct experience in supporting USAID- or other donor-funded grants programs preferred
  • At least 8 years of experience in developing and managing grants or sub-contracts
  • Ability to work effectively in a diverse team, environment; and team player with ability to work with and through others
  • Good computer knowledge with command of MS office

Minimum Qualifications

  • (8+) years of experience and a master degree OR the equivalent combination of education and experience

About the Organization

Abt Associates is a global leader in research, evaluation and program implementation; driving innovation and measurable impact for more than 50 years. What sets us apart is our evidence-based and multi-disciplinary approach to solving tough challenges in health, social and environmental policy and international development.

Specific areas we work in include:

  • Health
  • Education and workforce development
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Food security and agriculture
  • Housing and communities
  • Survey and data collection

Abt is a mission-driven company with a staff of 2,600. Our focus is on using evidence and cutting-edge methods to improve the lives and economic well-being of people worldwide.

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