Immunization Technical Advisor (STTA)

  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 20 December 2018
  • Ukraine | Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Closing on 19 January 2019

Job Description

Role: Provide direct technical assistance to the Ukraine Ministry of Health (MOH) and to the National Public Health Center (NPHC) on the organizational development of the Immunization Unit of the NPHC.

Period of Performance: January - June, 2019 LOE: 55 days


Immunization coverage in Ukraine is dangerously low and creation of a capable national immunization program is highly needed. Under the recent reorganization of the Ministry of Health, a national immunization unit was created under the National Public Health Centre (NPHC). There are between 4-8 people who are working or are being hired in the immunizations program unit with limited technical and managerial capacity. At the regional level immunizations functions are under the authority of the Oblast State Administrations in the Oblast Health Departments. However, it is anticipated that in the next two years (2019-2020) that Oblast Health Departments will phase out and that immunizations functions at the regional level will move to newly established regional public health centers. These centers will have a different human resources structure as well as different financing and reporting structure than the current Oblast Health Departments. The functions, legal status and definition of the roles and responsibilities of the national immunization unit and subnational counterparts are mostly undefined. In addition, there is very limited technical and management capacity among immunization staff at every level.

Due to lack of mechanisms such as an Interagency Coordinating Committee (ICC), immunizations activities among stakeholders, donors, implementing partners, civil society, professional societies and the MOH are not well coordinated leading to conflicting advice to the MOH, gaps, and duplication in effort. In 2017, a National Technical Advisory Committee on Immunization (NTAGI) was established. However, it appears not to be functioning to achieve its goal.

Under the Health Reform Support (HRS) project implemented by Deloitte, USAID is going to provide direct technical assistance to the Ukraine Ministry of Health (MOH) and to the National Public Health Center (NPHC) on the organizational development of the Immunization Unit of the NPHC.

Key objectives of the activity:

1) To bring the technical skills to the NPHC’ Immunization Unit staff

2) To increase the skills of the management style and operations

3) To increase capacity through introducing the tools (Excel-based, GIS, etc.) into routine practice

Key qualification of Expert

  • university degree in health-related topics;
  • no less than 7 years of experience in the field of public health;
  • experience of work in area of Immunization programs;
  • experience of work with international projects and/or organizations to streamline Immunization programs and services;
  • experience in public health reform in post-soviet countries is a plus;
  • experience in the development and analysis of draft laws and policies;
  • knowledge of policy-making techniques and policy analysis in area of Immunization programming;
  • computer skills;
  • fluency in English
  • fluency in Russian/Ukrainian is preferable.

About the Organization

Deloitte is a globally recognized professional services organization with a business practice devoted to promoting economic development and poverty reduction in emerging markets. For more than 25 years, Deloitte’s Emerging Markets practice has worked with governments, donor agencies, NGOs and private firms in over 60 countries to build the institutions, legal framework, and policies required for effective public and private sector growth.

The purpose of USAID Health Reform Support project is to support a transparent, accountable, and effective health care system that is capable of meeting the health needs of the Ukrainian people. Advancing health sector reforms, enhancing transparency, and tackling corruption will reduce out-of-pocket payments and improve access and availability of high quality, evidence-based health care services for Ukrainians. Elimination of corruption is a cross-cutting theme across all objectives to be achieved by this activity, which include:

  1. Improve health sector governance.
  2. Support the transformation of the healthcare financing model.
  3. Strengthen the health workforce.
  4. Enhance transparency, accountability and responsiveness of the health care system.
  5. Improve service delivery system at all levels.

One of the areas of the technical assistance is supporting the Government of Ukraine and selected oblast/local authorities in the design and establishment of an efficient public health system at the different levels to ensure effective delivery of public health services.

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