Independent Evaluator

  • Posted on 23 September 2020

Job Description

ABA ROLI looking to expand its pool of independent evaluators to provide short-term evaluation services. The evaluator will work on specifically assigned project/program to and collaborate with ABA ROLI Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Office to provide technical support in evaluation, research and learning.

ABA ROLI has a diverse portfolio of projects funded by U.S. and global donors and is seeking experienced evaluators who can contribute to ABA ROLI’s MEL efforts by designing and implementing baseline studies, midterm and end-term evaluations, and producing high quality products that compile evidence for learning and adaptive management. Given the need for diverse methods for evaluating rule of law programs, ABA ROLI is looking to select evaluators with experience in quantitative and qualitative methods, participatory approaches such as Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change, incorporating gender-responsive evaluation approaches, and designing implementing experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations.


Depending on the specific assignment, the Consultant may be called on to

  • Design and implement survey, key informant and focus group research as well as needs assessments, and baseline, midterm and impact evaluations on assigned programs/projects.
  • Lead evaluation and data collection efforts as assigned, including: data quality assurance and data management, implementation of sampling plans, development of survey and focus group protocols, development of templates, and implementation of evaluation.
  • Write high quality evaluation reports as appropriate and to meet donor requirements, including quantitative and qualitative data analytic products.
  • Provide high quality technical assistance to project teams for implementing rigorous quantitative and qualitative data collection methods consistent with global human subjects principles and privacy laws and standards.
  • Contribute to developing and provide training materials on methodologies or findings for ABA ROLI staff and partners to build capacity in particular stemming from the evaluation work assigned.


  • Master’s degree in Evaluation Sciences or in development or a related development field, such as Economics, Evaluation Sciences, Political Science, Law, Public Administration, Business Administration, or other discipline related to development assistance required.
  • 10 years’ experience in evaluation and performance management of projects preferably cross-culturally; project management; qualitative and quantitative research methods; and data analysis and visualization.
  • Demonstrated experience or familiarity with a variety or U.S. and global donors and emerging trends in evaluation including evidence-based and learning approaches as well as global standards for evaluation (e.g., DCED or OECD standards; impact management project; social value).

Preferred qualifications:

  • Substantial experience, evaluation certifications or a doctoral degree demonstrating advanced expertise in research design, adaptive management, gender responsive evaluation and/or working with data preferred.
  • Experience with Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance or Rule of Law.
  • Developing and validating tools and conceptually meaningful custom indicators;
  • Knowledge of different research designs, including experimental, quasi-experimental, participatory and mixed methods designs, Developmental Evaluation, Outcome Harvesting, Outcome Mapping, Most Significant Change.
  • Experience conducting surveys, focus groups and elite interviewing, including through digital means.
  • Experience managing development assistance projects in the US and/or abroad.

Interested applicants should submit their resume and a cover letter indicating their interest, specific area(s) of expertise, language skills, and daily rate.

About the Organization

The Rule of Law Initiative is a public service project of the American Bar Association dedicated to promoting legal reform efforts in over 40 countries around the world. The Rule of Law Initiative believes that rule of law promotion is the most effective long-term antidote to the most pressing problems facing the world community today, including poverty, economic stagnation, and crippling levels of corruption. The Rule of Law Initiative concentrates its technical legal assistance efforts in the following substantive areas: 1) Anti-corruption & public integrity; 2) Criminal law & combating trafficking in persons; 3) Gender issues; 4) Human rights & conflict mitigation; 5) Judicial reform; 6) Legal education reform; and 7) Legal profession reform. The Rule of Law Initiative enlists talented individuals who possess the skills and commitment necessary to effectively promote the rule of law in our host countries. We regularly seek experienced attorneys, judges, and law professors interested in lending their expertise to our programs for both long- and short-term pro bono assignments overseas. For more information please visit our website at

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