International Checkoff System Consultant

  • Posted on 11 February 2021

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February 11, 2021

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March 28, 2021


International Checkoff System Consultant


The Georgia Hazelnut Improvement Project

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Ms. Isabel Getz

Program Officer

1828 L St NW Suite 710, Washington, DC 20036


Section A: Offer Instructions

1. Introduction to Offerors: The Georgia Hazelnut Improvement Project (G-HIP) is a Global Development Alliance (GDA) between USAID and Ferrero implemented by CNFA in the Republic of Georgia. The goal of G-HIP is to utilize market-based approaches and solutions to increase the quality and quantity of Georgian hazelnuts, improve processing capabilities, and establish market linkages that will allow smallholder growers to reach lucrative end markets. G-HIP is implemented as an Alliance between USAID, Ferrero, and CNFA that leverages the technical and financial resources of each partner to broaden, deepen, and advance the public and private sector development in the hazelnut industry.

An identified priority of the Alliance is to promote sustainable institutional capacity within the sector by supporting two industry associations (GHGA and HEPA) in enhancing their management and organizational capacities through improved business models, management processes, and value propositions for their members to ensure financial sustainability and capacity development training programs for association personnel and members.

Between 2016-2020, G-HIP took several steps trying to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sectoral associations. The measures undertaken include, but are not limited to, capacity building of the associations’ staff by providing the trainings and mentoring for the staff of the sectoral associations (members of the executive board, as well as top management of the associations), and developing of several income generating directions (such as hazelnut husking, drying, and storage facilities, farmers’ service centers, hazelnut orchard “turnkey” projects).

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the additional ways of funding hazelnut sectoral associations through the introduction of the checkoff system (a system that allows commodity associations to impose some fee assessments on producers of the commodity to enhance marketing and conduct research within a commodity group).

The consultant will work together with the G-HIP team to address issues hindering the establishment of a checkoff system in Georgia and develop a concept note for the introduction of such a system with a “road map” (detailed plan of actions to be undertaken by corresponding agencies/parties for successful introduction of the system).

2. Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, on March 28, 2021. Offers must be submitted by email to Ms. Isabel Getz at

Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of CNFA. The cover page of this solicitation summarizes the important dates of the solicitation process. Offerors must strictly follow the provided deadlines in the cover page to be considered for award.

About the Organization

About CNFA:

CNFA is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to stimulating economic growth in the agricultural sector by nurturing entrepreneurship, private enterprise and market linkages. CNFA specializes in fostering private sector investments in training, new technologies and marketing as a means to increase the overall competitiveness of agricultural value chains, to expand exports, and to develop skills in the rural workforce. CNFA assists smallholders in increasing household-level food security and nutrition through improved agricultural practices, introduction of new varieties, diversification of crop production, food preservation and storage, development of farmer-based organizations (FBOs) and strengthened linkages to markets.

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