Kenya YES Internship (Summer 2018)

Apply by 20 April 2018
Posted on 22 February 2018

Job Description

Internship Description RTI International has a Kenya YES Summer Internship opening for May 2018 through August 2018 with the Governance and Economic Development Division within RTI•s International Development Group. This internship will provide the successful prospect a mentored learning experience, and the opportunity to work on assessing the impact of KYES County youth employment compacts as a strategy for promotion of youth employment in Kenya.• • The intern will be engaged in assessing the impact and outcomes of KYES Youth Employment Compacts. A critical part of KYES•s implementation and sustainability strategy is leveraging individual partnerships and linkages into the formation of County Youth Employment Compacts (CYEC) as effective, local, multi-stakeholder platforms for collective action, information sharing, and resource mobilization. These formal and visible agreements and prescribed activities are designed to build commitment and resources to drive youth employment. The compacts are being supported by KYES to facilitate collaboration; align stakeholder objectives, motivations, and incentives to attract and sustain participation in promotion of youth employment at county level. • KYES is playing the role of a facilitator to support the emergence, maturation and transition of the compacts to ownership and operation by county-based actors. The program will broker relations, provide technical assistance, and offer mentorship. KYES will support the launch and hand over of Phase 1 compacts, progressively transferring the coordination of the compact to a local partner identified through a participatory process. • Within this project, the intern will assess the development of the five compacts which are at different stages of formulation and maturation and the link to youth employment outcomes. • The intern will develop the assessment protocol, review the project document and other related material to get a better understanding of youth employment as a sustainability strategy, attend compact meetings, interview compact members and assess some of the projects the compacts are designing or implementing and their impact to overall youth employment in the county. • Through a variety of methods including review of KYES reports, online research, individual interviews, focus group discussion, and structure observation of KYES activities, the intern will be expected to do the following: • - Work with KYES program to finalize research project description - Work with KYES staff and partners to refine research questions to ensure research is focused enough and truly useful to the program - Design research including methodology/questions and sampling for partner review and approval - Conduct research with partners and stakeholders - Collate and analyze findings - Share preliminary findings with partner research supervisor for review and analysis together - Prepare a presentation for management feedback - Share findings with partners and stakeholders (if time and circumstances permit) - Prepare final research report and a compact field guide. • Additionally, the intern will document structure processes, and experiences of CYEC and then analyze the captured info to inform best practices and lessons learned that can translate into improved facilitation of the CYECs. The results and learning from this research project will influence changes to KYES• interventions going forward to catalyze systems for stakeholder collaboration around youth employment. As a result, the intern will submit; • 1. An assessment Report on the effectiveness of Youth employment Compacts as a sustainability strategy for KYES with recommendations on how well they are working and how they can be strengthened 2. A field guide on •How to form effective youth employment compacts• to guide staff and practitioners interested in applying the approach for sustainability • Additional Information The total assignment will take approximately 9 weeks in the field. There will be days for in-country travels. Field time will be approximately 3 days per county.
Qualifications - Must be currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate student, and be eligible to receive academic credit or fulfill and program requirement for this unpaid internship. - Basic research skills, facilitation skills, data analysis and report writing and documentation skills. - Experience working with private sector and Government partners.

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