Lead Technical Writer

  • Posted on 29 May 2020

Job Description

Activities: The Lead Technical Writer will work closely with the Proposal Manager and other subject matter experts during pre-solicitation capture and post-solicitation release periods. The relevant project will seek to reduce corruption by addressing its root causes and by strengthening the Indonesian government’s ability to implement effective counter-measures. The project will focus on three main components: rule of law, government accountability and transparency, and civil society.

Key tasks will include:

Phase I: Capture (Pre-Solicitation)

  • Conduct background research and review background materials and Cardno’s corporate information (including early proposal drafts, Cardno past performance, past technical reports, relevant USAID documents, subcontractor information, etc.).

  • Identify key stakeholders (stakeholder mapping), improve understanding of market players, constraints and opportunities in target islands, support the identification of potential partner and key personnel, and/or other items as agreed with the Cardno team in advance.

  • Schedule and attend meetings with stakeholders (remotely as needed) and share notes and key takeaways with the proposal team.

  • Develop Cardno win themes for activity based on in-country research and competitive analysis.

  • Lead brainstorming discussions with the proposal team, including on Cardno’s competitive positioning and thoughts on priorities for this program.

  • Lead the writing of the RFI or draft SOW response as appropriate.

  • Prepare first draft of technical framework/approach for the pre solicitation blue draft

  • Participate in proposal touch base meetings and technical draft reviews; in person or virtual as needed.

  • Other capture activities as necessary and mutually agreed upon.

Phase II: Proposal Development (Post-Solicitation)

  • Lead the development and writing of the technical approach, strategy, and narrative (including executive summary), integrating technical input from subject matter experts/technical writers for all proposal drafts.

  • Lead and facilitate the technical brainstorming with proposal team to identify and develop win themes and technical approach.

  • Lead the development of logical framework for the technical approach, workplan, and implementation plan.

  • Participate in the outlining, negotiation, and communication of page assignments for technical narrative based upon proposal requirements.

  • Contribute to the development of timeline of drafts and final proposal.

  • Contribute to the development of graphics to correspond with technical narrative.

  • Contribute to personnel and partnership discussions.

  • Participate in and incorporate feedback on technical narrative in each draft proposal review.

  • Review, contribute to, and provide feedback to other sections of the technical proposal (personnel, organizational chart, management plan, past performance, M&E plan/indicators, corporate capabilities, etc.) with support from Proposal Manager or others as needed, to ensure proposal documents are coherent and read with one voice.

  • Participate in proposal touch base meetings and technical draft reviews; in person or virtual as needed.

  • Other proposal activities as necessary.


  • Graduate degree in governance, economics, international relations or other related discipline preferred

  • 5 to 10 years’ experience in international development with specific expertise in democracy and governance

  • Direct experience and knowledge of Indonesia and its governing context

  • Experience with USAID required, ideally in program design, partnership development, and in the writing of technical proposals

Level of Effort: The level of effort for this assignment will not exceed 25 days.

About the Organization

Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd., is part of Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division with international development assistance companies in Brisbane, Brussels, Jakarta, Melbourne, Nairobi, Oxford, Port Moresby, and Washington, DC. Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd. was formerly Emerging Markets Group, Ltd. and brings nearly a 30-year history serving the objectives of bilateral and multilateral donors and private clients. The Emerging Markets Division brings together a broad range of experience and talent; a rich history of innovation, passion and commitment to international development and an established reputation for high quality demand and client driven services. Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division manages more than $750 million in current contracts and grants, brings together over 90 years of collective experience, and engages over 3,700 professionals in more than 100 countries. Cardno’s Emerging Markets Division currently implements over 130 projects globally.

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