Local Assessment Coordinator -- Thailand

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 28 February 2020
  • Thailand
  • Closing on 21 June 2020
  • Current

Job Description

Local Assessment Coordinator for Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Assessment In Thailand


Making Cents International is recruiting a Local Assessment Coordinator to support a Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Assessment in Thailand. The assessment will include three and a half weeks of field work evaluating trends that characterize political development. Recommendations provided to USAID may influence future foreign assistance in the areas of democracy, human rights, and governance.

The Team will consist of an expatriate Team Leader and Country Expert, as well as one Local Political Expert. One or more representatives from USAID Washington and/or USAID/Mission will also join the team for some or all of the scheduled meetings. The Team will split its time between the capital and other locations to be determined.


The Local Assessment Coordinator’s objective is to provide logistical and administrative support, scheduling, secretarial duties, and coordination of services to the DRG Assessment Team. The Local Assessment Coordinator‘s work will be coordinated and supervised by the Assessment Team Leader and the Task Order (TO) Manager. The Local Assessment Coordinator will work in within Thailand.


The tasks that will be undertaken by the Local Assessment Coordinator will be in direct support of the Team’s research. The Local Assessment Coordinator will coordinate closely with the Team and with USAID to identify scheduling needs on an ongoing basis. The Local Assessment Coordinator will:

  • Confer with the Team Leader and TO Manager regarding the protocols and objectives of the assignment.
  • Confer with Team Leader and TO Manager regarding the selection and coordination of an interview program for the Assessment.
  • Coordinate with the USAID/Thailand regarding the establishment of an interview schedule.
  • Develop a program of interviews in consultation with Team Leader and TO Manager, including making and confirming appointments.
  • Participate in Team meetings where the scheduling is discussed.
  • Accompany Team members to field sites outside the capital if requested.
  • Assist in identifying interpreters/translators for the Team.
  • Make transportation arrangements for the Team.
  • Make hotel arrangements for the Team.
  • Assist in obtaining cell phones and other supplies needed.
  • Provide administrative and secretarial support for the Team.
  • Complete other appropriate tasks as assigned by Team Leader or TO Manager.

Level of Effort:

Maximum Level of Effort will be 28 days with 23 days of the LOE taking place during the field work phase of the assessment (including Saturdays). The Local Assessment Coordinator must be available to support the Team at all times during the period of field work. Prior to the international Team Member’s arrival in country, the Local Assessment Coordinator will spend up to 5 days preparing for the assessment. This will include scheduling meetings for the Team, coordinating the schedule with USAID/Thailand, reserving hotels and meeting rooms for the team, making appropriate transportation arrangements for the team, procuring cell phone or other necessary supplies, and other logistical or administrative tasks as requested.

Work Schedule

The three and a half weeks of field work is tentatively scheduled for the middle of May 2020 through the middle of June 2020; however, the exact dates are to be determined.


For a complete scope of work and to express interest, send your resume or CV to asivmci@gmail.com.

About the Organization

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