Local Facilitator

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 22 June 2020

Job Description


The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, self-government, and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promoting democratic governance, and advancing the rule of law.

Since 2003, IRI has supported the development of Bangladesh’s democratic institutions through programs that amplify diverse voices, expand political space, and foster accountable relationships. IRI is currently conducting a program that seeks to facilitate reconciliatory political dialogue and identify areas for cooperation and collaboration between Bangladesh’s major political parties

Period of Performance:
Date of signature through June 30, 2021

Statement of Work:

The Facilitator agrees to provide the following deliverables and/or services:

  • Paying all IRI-Bangladesh bills.
  • Tracking payments on contracts.
  • Drafting monthly IRI-Bangladesh financial reports and imprests.
  • Submitting financial and administrative reports to IRI-Washington and Regional Accountant.
  • Processing payroll documentation and maintain a system to track staff leave accrual.
  • Maintaining office expenses and other administrative tasks
  • Maintaining all IRI-Bangladesh files, including accounting and contract related files as well as developing a programmatic archive.
  • Oversee drivers’ schedule.
  • Managing IRI-Bangladesh relationships with routine contractors such as translators, IT services and landlords.
  • Drafting and overseeing the drafting of relevant vendor contracts.
  • Liaising with IRI-DC program staff and IRI-DC support teams, such as travel and accounting.
  • Reconciling all program and travel expenses on time, keeping thorough records of IRI expenditures.
  • Responding to all finance and accounting requests from RPD and IRI accountant in Washington, DC.

Technical Bid:

All bids submitted to IRI must include:

  • Information addressing your experience in providing each of the services identified in the above Statement of Work and your proposed specific approach for providing those services to IRI under this contract, including sufficient information to determine a clear definition of services as it relates to other providers that may be involved.
  • The name, address, and telephone and facsimile numbers of the bidder (and electronic address if available);
  • Bidders shall provide contact information for a minimum of three professional references with whom the applicant has had a working relationship within the last 24-month period. IRI may contact these individuals.
  • If the Bidder is a U.S. organization/resident, or a foreign organization/resident which has income effectively connected with the conduct of activities in the U.S. or has an office or a place of business or a fiscal paying agent in the U.S., the technical bids must contain Bidder’s Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Bids will not exceed 5 pages (not including cover page), using Times New Roman font, 1” margins.
  • Attachment requirements:
    • CV/Resume
    • Expert Service Rate Form provided at the end of this solicitation. IRI may contact previous clients and employers for professional references and compensation confirmation.
  • Five years’ experience in accounting, finance tracking and administrative
  • Professional fluency in Bangla and English
  • Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Submission Instructions:

Bids must be submitted via email to Tim Ruparain, at trupnarain@iri.org with the subject line “ASIA2020BD04o – Local Facilitator” by the deadline listed above.

Deadline: 02 July 2020

About the Organization

IRI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by helping political parties to become more issue-based and responsive, assisting citizens to participate in government planning, and working to increase the role of marginalized groups in the political process – including women and youth.

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