Logistics Manager - Juba

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Action Against Hunger
Apply by 25 May 2011
Entry-level , Field assignment
Posted on 25 April 2011

Job Description

General objective:
The Logistics Manager is responsible for the management and ensuring smooth implementation of and adherence to logistic, human resource, administration and security procedures for Juba & bases logistics office as well as for the building of the capacity of the capitol logistician
Regular field trips to bases will be planned

The logistics manager is in charge of the operational, daily logistics activities in Juba.
• To regularly use, maintain and renew an information network with security stakeholders and to share information with the National Logistics Coordinator / Country Director
• To implement rules according to the security level & to monitor whether these rules are respected by all staff.
• To participate in the updating of the security plan and other security tools
• To brief new arrivals/visitors
• To organise regular security training for drivers on the base
• To organise and report on field security assessments when required
• To verify the effective functioning of all communication needs: HF, VHF, Thuraya, RB GAN, mobile phones.
• To manage the security company guards


Specific HR objectives:
• To train the logistic staff, specifically the Capitol logistician on management skills and develop their ability to fully take over their duties.
• To upgrade the capacities of all the logistics so as to bring them to full operational efficiency and autonomy in their activities.
• To have weekly meetings with the capitol logistician to review performance and task list.
• To plan and implement the staff annual leave.
• Conduct staff appraisal on periodic basis.

Fleet management ( together with capitol logistician)
• Ensure the drivers are following the booking on the movement board.
• To monitor the drivers activities
• To closely monitor the vehicles consumption.
• To conduct monthly formal inspections of the fleet, the logbooks and the on board equipment.
• To monitor the trainings and refreshers given out to the drivers.
• To issue a monthly report on the state of the fleet and recommendations (monthly objectives).
• To follow up on the achievements through random inspections, through the results given out during the weekly logistics meetings and through the monthly inspection.

Equipment & Communication management
(together with the capitol logistician)
• To manage the equipment for Juba base
• To ensure that all the equipments are registered, identified and tagged.
• To ensure that all equipments on use are followed up, maintained and protected.
• To follow up on the achievements through random inspections, through the results given out during the weekly logistics meetings and through the monthly inspection.
• To monitor and supervise the equipment inventories.
• To check and control the updated equipment list before it is sent to the Log coordinator..
• To ensure that the specific problems faced by the other departments with the equipment are dealt with and followed up through the logistics meeting.
• To ensure that all visitors/new arrivals are fully equipment with communication equipment (Mobiel phones, VHF handsets)
• Ensure that VHF communication equipment are working effectively.
• Conduct daily radio check for all VHF handset users on the base.

Rehabilitation management (together with the capitol logistician)
• To collect quotations from potential contractor for rehabilitation and construction activities.
• To carry out improvements and repairs when needed in the office and guest houses.
• Receive and process rehabilitation request from individual staff.

Procurement & supplies and service contracts
• Manage and communicate the up to date order follow up
• Manage and ensure all procurement done at Juba level
• Manage all service contracts (catering, internet, ect)

• The Logistics reports:
The Logistics report comprise of a narrative and quantitative report on achievements base on the objectives of the department. It is compiled and presented by the Logistics Manager and is to be sent to the Log coordinator before the 5th of the month.

• Forecast of the monthly expenditures:
This document must be sent to the logistics coordinator for approval the latest on the 10th of the month preceding the forecasted expenditures

Other reports:
To prepare any incident report according to the situation and to inform the Log Coordinator.


Education / specific degree / special skills:
Min. master’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, HR or related field
At least 5 years of experience in humanitarian work
Excellent communication skills
Excellent writing and analytical skills.
Good management and representation competencies.
Excellent influencing and negotiation skills
Experience in developing world context.
Familiarity with ACF and acceptance of ACF’s principles.
Familiarity with donors and donor procedures helpful.
Prior experience in conducting and delivering training for national staff whose educational level is low