Mining Consultant

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 20 December 2018

Job Description

The role of the consultant will be initially to support the mining sector manager of PEPZ to coordinate and communicate with senior key stakeholders in the mines, government, chambers of commerce trade & industry, SMEs and other interested bodies in order to increase the level of local content into the mines. It will require an understanding of the mining sector in Zambia and the capabilities of the supply SMEs and an analysis of the gap between the two, developing appropriate strategies for interventions to bridge this gap. Identify and support business opportunities around the mines in order to develop resilience to the mine’s fluctuations in business.

To coordinate and maintain the recently formed local content steering committee made up of the key stakeholders mentioned above and to resolve conflicting issues between the various parties for the common interest of the Zambian economy. Note that PEPZ is not a permanent player and the objective of the mining sector manager is to get the steering committee to operate autonomously as soon as is practical.

Initially, this post would be on a consultancy basis for a period until March 2019. However, subject to funding of an extension of the PEPZ programme, there may be the possibility of a full-time position taking on the role of the mining sector manager when the current manager retires.

For further information about responsibilities, duties, qualifications and the application process, pelase read the attached TOR.

About the Organization

PEPZ background:

The Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ), funded by UKaid, works with and through the Zambian private sector at the intersection of profitable business growth and inclusive economic growth. The core of the PEPZ value offer to potential partners is formulated under three headings:

Capital: Our cost-sharing financial intervention mechanisms designed to incentivise business innovation that will benefit Zambian SMEs and micro-enterprises;

Capacity: Our internal expertise and our network of external specialist consultants who can help intervention partners design and implement solutions; and

Connections: Our networks and contacts that allow us to facilitate business connections and transactions.

PEPZ focuses on three target sectors important to the Zambian economy: food and agriculture, mining and mining services and tourism and hospitality.

More information

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