Monitor and Evaluation Manager

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Apply by 15 March 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 9 March 2018

Job Description

This role is responsible for monitoring and evaluating ITFCs development impact and delivery effectiveness across member countries. ITFC operations will be monitored and evaluated through operation level evaluations, country level evaluations, sector and thematic level evaluations. Evaluations will be undertaken through a combination of desk-based research activities and field based assignments. The Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist will be responsible for the continuous improvement of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and activities, planning and managing evaluations of the programme and assisting leadership in analysis of the outcomes for decision-making. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Core Responsibilities:
  • Producing the annual development effectiveness report. This will require external data collection, including an annual development impact survey and extensive economic research. It will also require extensive internal portfolio analysis to evaluate ITFC development impact over the year across six development themes. In addition, the activity will require an evaluation of ITFC contribution to IDB development goals and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Working with Trade Solutions Complex to evaluate development impact potential of ITFC operations at the pre-approval stage and providing recommendations.
  • Identifying and recommending ways to improve ITFC development impact scores and results through development impact analysis
  • Managing the ITFC development impact framework and model to track ITFC development performance
  • Maintaining the ITFC monitoring and evaluation policy, guidelines, processes and data collection and reporting tools
  • Advising team and management in designing and planning evaluations.
  • Coordinating the review of the intervention evaluation budget to request adequate financial resources for evaluations.
  • Monitoring and evaluating ITFC’s impact in Member Countries OIC across policy themes and sub-themes (from an economic and a development perspective)
  • Monitoring and evaluating ITFC’s alignment with the sector or national-level results in Member Countries
  • Monitoring and evaluating ITFC’s contribution to IDBG development goals
  • Monitoring and evaluating ITFC’s contribution to sustainable development goals
  • Learning about success and failure, and communicate the lessons back to respective departments to build a knowledge base.
  • Providing input into the design, implementation and conduct of evaluations.
  • Identifying the external factors that could influence success or cause failure to meet ITFC goals in Member Countries.
  • Reflecting jointly with the Sr. Strategy Manager the impacts in Member Countries on the development of ITFC development scorecard targets.
  • Creating ways to streamline the process and increase efficiency in gathering data and using data.
  • Managing the process for updating policy and procedure documents in the field of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Reporting on results achievement and communicate to wider audience in co-ordination with Marketing department to maximize ITFC visibility
  • Managing the coordination of evaluation (sub)-contractors or teams, if required.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & COMPETENCIES: Degree in Business Administration, Economics, International Development, or a related field Language Skills:
  • English is compulsory
  • Arabic and French and preferable
  • Years of Experience:3+ years of experience in a performance monitoring and/or evaluation role with an international development organization

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