Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, Strengthening the teaching of primary school mathematics

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 11 September 2019

Job Description

Cambridge Education are currently in the process of tendering for DFID Malawi’s new education programme - Strengthening the teaching of primary school mathematics in Malawi – which aims to help more Malawian girls and boys progress through the education system and achieve better learning outcomes, thereby contributing to social and economic development. A core component of this work is focused on supporting the Malawi Government to improve the quality of early grade mathematics teaching, so all children are supported to learn and master the basics.

This programme aims to improve student learning outcomes in mathematics, so girls and boys have a solid foundation in basic skills to succeed in the rest of their schooling and fulfil their potential. By the end of the programme we hope this will contribute towards improved service delivery, so more girls and boys, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, progress through and complete primary school with measurable improvements in their learning outcomes.

This contract will be initially for three years with a commencement date of November 2019. DFID will assess if there is an opportunity to expand the implementation by up to two years dependent on Ministerial approval and DFID’s assessment that all targets have been met or exceeded

Technical assistance will be provided to facilitate the revision of the mathematics curriculum for lower primary (standards 1-4), develop corresponding teaching and learning materials, design teacher training strategies (including school-based support structures), rigorously pilot the new materials and training strategies, document impact, refine the materials and training strategies, and then oversee the national scale-up.

The programme will aim to integrate with other major national reforms in Malawi – for example Malawi’s national Decentralisation reform, the National Reading Programme and support provided to pre-service teacher training from GIZ, and provide technical assistance to a core team of education professionals (from MIE, MoEST, teacher training colleges, etc) to revise the national mathematics curriculum and develop teaching and learning materials for standards 1-4.

The pilot programme will be coordinated from the Malawi Institute of Education (MIE), based in Zomba with scale-up of the programme coordinated from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Lilongwe. The programme will work alongside existing curriculum delivery structures, including staff at MIE, Coordinating Primary Education Advisers in district councils, and Primary Education Advisers in a minimum of 500 Teacher Development Centres across the country, Junior and Senior Section Heads at each of the 5,600 primary schools across Malawi and a minimum of 40,000 standards 1-4 teachers across Malawi.

Candidate Specification

As a part of this programme we are inviting expressions of interest from those interested in working as Monitoring and Evaluation Expert(s):

  • Ensure the pilot and scale up phase is effectively monitored, and course corrected to maximise impact.
  • Expertise working in the Malawi education sector or similar low resource settings and familiar with data collection at the school level.
  • Previous work on a donor-funded programme will be an asset

About the Organization

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More information

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