Monitoring and Evaluation Learning Officer

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 24 April 2019

Job Description

Job Overview/Summary: The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer leads on the implementation of NRGI’s MEL strategy. This includes progressively implementing and updating our MEL strategy, evolving NRGI results frameworks, maintaining and improving NRGI’s monitoring system, overseeing internal reporting processes (working directly with, and supervising a MEL associate in charge of day to day management of the system and reporting), and generating rigorous analysis from MEL data to assess progress in our annual plans and strategy and to inform learning. The MEL PO will also finalize and implement NRGI’s learning strategy working with managers and staff at large to instill a culture of critical reflection across our programs. Finally, the MEL officer will also support staff in implementing program evaluations and develop a stronger approach to guide the use of evaluative activities to inform the organization’s work. The MEL officer will manage a MEL associate. He/she will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

About the Organization

Background/NRGI Summary: The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) is a nonprofit policy institute and grant-making organization that promotes the responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the benefit of all. Improving natural resource governance is one of the most significant development challenges of the decade and will determine the future of 1 billion people globally who live in scarcity in the midst of resource abundance. Countries with non-renewable resource wealth face both a challenge and an opportunity—when used poorly or squandered, non-renewable resource wealth can cause economic instability, social conflict and lasting environmental impacts; used well, they can create prosperity for current and future generations. NRGI is a recognized leader in the field of natural resource governance, helping people to realize the benefits of their countries’ endowments of oil, gas and minerals in order to build a more stable and sustainable future. For more information, please visit

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