Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) Advisor, Strongim Bisnis

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 9 July 2020

Job Description

Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) Technical Support

An assignment for Strongim Bisnis, an initiative of the Australian Government

Dates & duration: 27 days between 1 August – 30 December 2020

Location: Remote inputs

Reports to: Business Partnerships Director

Australia’s Advisor Remuneration Framework (ARF), Discipline Category and Job Level: C3

Background to the Strongim Bisnis program

Strongim Bisnis, which commenced in July 2017, is an initiative of the Australian Government in Solomon Islands. It utilises a market systems development (MSD) approach in its goal to stimulate growth in specific sectors (cocoa, coconut, tourism, timber, horticulture, waste management and financial services). Through its activities it seeks to catalyse innovation, improve business practices, strengthen collaboration, manage risks, build resilience, increase women’s participation and empowerment, and actively involve youth and people living with disability.

The program has three end-of-program outcomes (EOPOs) to June 2020:

1. Business is demonstrating potential for increased productivity, greater resilience, better risk management, more income earning opportunities and access to higher value markets, more efficient use of assets and labour, and new business models that favour employment, incomes or trade.

2. The private sector and government work together to increase opportunities for trade and investment, and form external partnerships that accelerate business growth, measured by a more favourable investment climate and external partnerships that accelerate changing business practice; and

3. Women, youth and people with disability have increased economic opportunity, measured by their participation in the above outcomes and the success of specific social inclusion measures for women’s, youth and people with disabilities’ economic empowerment.

Background to the Assignment

Strongim Bisnis is resourced to support a Research, Monitoring and Results Measurement Advisor (RMRM) position with intermittent technical support from an MRM specialist. Combined, the two roles are fundamental in ensuring the program adheres to the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard in the implementation of its MRM system. During the Strongim Bisnis Phase 1 period of inception, the Strongim Bisnis Theory of Change, sector-specific results chains, the MRM Manual and Plan (including sector and program level indicators) and key MRM tools were developed for use by the program team.

During Strongim Bisnis Phase 1, two DCED audits were carried out. The recent ‘System in Place’ DCED audit resulted in recommendations for the program to address in the formative period of Phase 2. Further, certain interventions will become ready for impact assessment, market systems analysis reports will be finalised for new sectors and refreshed for continuing sectors, and new interventions will be formed aligning to recent analyses.

Strongim Bisnis strives for continual improvement, to produce work that: aligns clearly to analysis, is rooted in the MSD approach, can demonstrate attributable results, and swiftly adapts to market system changes. A specialist is sought to support Strongim Bisnis in these intentions.

Objective of the Assignment

Support Strongim Bisnis to continue improving its MRM system and approach to ensure it meets, as far as possible, DCED standards, adaptive management and a learning culture.

Scope of Work

The consultant will undertake the following:

1. Gain familiarity with the program and its key documents, including the market systems analyses, MRM Manual and Plan, annual plans and reports, quarterly reports, reflection workshop summaries, draft baseline study methodologies and instruments, and other key MRM tools.

2. Conduct (with the RMRM Advisor and Activity Leads) intervention baseline studies and impact studies as required, including finalisation of methodology, tools, data collection and cleaning, results aggregation, impact extrapolation and report drafting.

3. Provide technical support for the implementation of an effective MRM system, including revising tools and templates that adhere to the DCED Standard, to support the program in intervention, sectoral and program-level monitoring.

4. Customise MRM training materials and provide training, fit for Strongim Bisnis as an MSD program, to staff.

5. Provide technical inputs into intervention design and activity tracking tools, and quality assure key monitoring outputs produced by Business Advisors and the RMRM Advisor.

6. Provide ongoing capacity development of the RMRM Advisor in the management of the MRM system, including on-the-job training and mentoring.

7. Support the use of MRM information to underpin management decision-making, such as facilitation of strategic meetings and development of key reports and learning documents.

8. Provide technical inputs to key program outputs including annual reports, annual workplans, and other key program documents.

9. Provide technical inputs and support to develop key external assessments at sectoral and program level, including the development of methodologies and terms of reference.

Deliverables and schedule

The assignment will commence on the 1 August 2020 and require up to 27 days of input by the consultant. The assignment should be completed in December 2020. Final dates for deliverables will be finalised upon contract signing.

Completion of the assignment is conditional upon approval of the deliverables by Strongim Bisnis. While maintaining an overall view of the Strongim Bisnis MRM system, this role is expected to respond to MRM needs as they arise. The schedule below is therefore tentative and subject to change. Any reallocation of days, or the addition of new unforeseen projects will be agreed upon between Strongim Bisnis and the consultant.

Skills and experience required

The consultant should have:

a) Demonstrated experience and proficiency in the development and implementation of MRM systems on MSD programs to the requirements of the DCED Standard

b) At least 10 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation roles on development programs

c) Demonstrated experience conducting training on DCED standards and general training on MRM for MSD programs

d) Proficiency in applying MRM methodologies and tools, to assessments and other outputs required by development programs.

e) Demonstrated experience producing high quality baseline and impact study reports in English

f) Experience in MRM on DFAT programs (highly preferred).

How to apply

Expression of interests should include a CV and a cover letter, responding to required skills and experience. Send to no later than 24 July 2020, with the subject title EOI – MRM Technical Support.

Only shortlisted individuals will be contacted. Strongim Bisnis reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning reason.

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