Pro Bono Experts

  • Volunteer, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 13 February 2020

Job Description

ABA ROLI requests assistance from one or more pro bono experts able to deliver training to a group of approximately 30-50 CSO representatives (some of whom will be lawyers, others providing other advocacy and support services) for 2-5 hours (to be determined in collaboration with ABA ROLI) on one or more of the following topics:

  1. Business and human rights
  2. Evidence documentation and preservation, case selection and strategy
  3. Alternative dispute resolution – remedies and strategies, community mediation, restorative justice.

The scope of the sessions will be developed with ABA ROLI, given the expertise of the trainers and its fit with the needs of the trainees.

Training sessions are expected to include a mix of lecture, audience participation, small group discussion, and practical exercises. The content should reference comparative examples from other jurisdictions or international contexts, with advanced exploration of the issues, to assist trainees to think in new and strategic ways for their contexts, not be a basic explanation of the topics.

Law firms / organizations able to support the travel costs for their staff to participate will be preferred. However, please apply even if this is not available.

The training and mentoring seek to improve the skills and knowledge of the CSOs, thus increasing access to legal services and awareness by vulnerable groups, and sustaining collaboration among CSOs on legal aid and advocacy.

American Bar Association

Training recipients will be a wide range of registered legal service CSOs from the Philippines.

Training is expected to take place in late March and/or early September 2020 when ABA ROLI and the CSOs are expecting to convene in Manila, Cebu or Davao for 1-2 days of trainings and discussion. Further trainings and/or more advanced modules could be delivered in September 2021, likely to be held in a city other than Manila. Exact dates can be discussed with pro bono trainers.

Following the in-person trainings, further mentoring and support may be offered remotely over subsequent years, should the pro bono experts be available to do so.

ABA ROLI is seeking pro bono experts with experience delivering training and deep practical experience (e.g. undertaking research in relevant countries or contexts; advising clients on relevant cases; participation in the work of a CSO in another country on the topic) on one or more of the topics above. It is envisaged that the most senior trainer would have at least 10 years of professional experience, with at least two years of specifically relevant experience in the topic.

Experience in the Philippines or similar contexts would be an advantage. Although the training may be delivered in English, skills in Tagalog would be a bonus.

About the Organization

The Rule of Law Initiative is a public service project of the American Bar Association dedicated to promoting legal reform efforts in over 40 countries around the world. The Rule of Law Initiative believes that rule of law promotion is the most effective long-term antidote to the most pressing problems facing the world community today, including poverty, economic stagnation, and crippling levels of corruption. The Rule of Law Initiative concentrates its technical legal assistance efforts in the following substantive areas: 1) Anti-corruption & public integrity; 2) Criminal law & combating trafficking in persons; 3) Gender issues; 4) Human rights & conflict mitigation; 5) Judicial reform; 6) Legal education reform; and 7) Legal profession reform. The Rule of Law Initiative enlists talented individuals who possess the skills and commitment necessary to effectively promote the rule of law in our host countries. We regularly seek experienced attorneys, judges, and law professors interested in lending their expertise to our programs for both long- and short-term pro bono assignments overseas. For more information please visit our website at

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