Resourcing Coordinator

City of London, United Kingdom
Apply by 12 August 2018
Entry-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 8 August 2018

Job Description

he Project Management Unit

The Project Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for delivery of MSP’s long-term projects. The core function of the PMU is to manage project teams and resources in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner and to deliver the project outputs in a way that meets the expectations of the client in terms of deliverables and value for money (VfM), while also meeting internal performance indicators.

At present, the PMU has both project management functions and coordination functions. The Head of PMU leads the team, supported by the Deputy Head.

It is envisaged that within the PMU all functions and grades of staff either support or manage projects, and the level of direct engagement on projects depends on the role and project complexity. All PMU staff actively participate in strengthening project management processes, systems and procedures, and implementing the principles and procedures set out in the MSP’s project management documentation.

Project Managers will normally take on day-to-day management of one or more projects, and responsible for all aspects of delivery in line with internal division of responsibilities.

Project Coordinators will provide support across both business development and project delivery, and in some cases take on lead on specific support functions such as resourcing, security, etc. PCs also work in parallel with other support teams within the company including Reception, IT and Finance.

Subject to budget provisions and/or the needs of a project, PMs are required to travel on a regular basis, often at short notice, and may be required to work in fragile states/hostile environments. It is estimated that travel could depending on workload, account for around three to four months per year in missions of one to two weeks at a time.


The Resourcing Coordinator is an important position within the Project Management Unit that works in a support function across projects and corporate offices. A key focus of the position is to support resource management at corporate and project level. This includes assisting to identify, register and mobilise consultants, leading management of internal databases for consultants and project references, and managing travel and duty of care arrangements in support of teams, consultants and staff.

The position will work closely with other Project Coordinator positions, each providing cover to others during absences, and supporting each other to ensure that support services are effective and efficient. The role will also have linkages with the designated Data Protection Officer and the IT Manager in relation to information management.

Resourcing and recruitment

  • hold the recruiter function in LinkedIn, Devex and Assortis to manage job adverts and applications;
  • conduct LinkedIn searches on behalf of practice areas, putting in place a simple request template to ensure the search parameters are clear;
  • proactively identify consultants for our database by using search functions and calls for CVs in priority areas via LinkedIn and other networks; and
  • assist in internal recruitment, drafting adverts, organising interviews and coordinating the on-boarding process.

Consultant engagement and management

  • prepare Terms of Reference, negotiate, and agree Heads of Terms with consultants and/or other suppliers;
  • draft contracts for consultants and/or other suppliers;
  • coordinate effective rollout of MSP’s supplier code of conduct and other compliance needs; and
  • lead on development and support PMs in implementing consultant management procedures, including due diligence and appraisal process for consultants.

Managing data

  • lead on non-IT eRef rollout, with support on populating and maintaining eRef;
  • lead on data management for consultants, particularly personal data that need to be quarantined;
  • design and implement a knowledge management process, particularly to ensure that project references and lessons are documented and stored;
  • manage data that arrives via our website, including new registrations;
  • support data protection requirements under direction of the DPO, including fulfilling data subject access requests, data subject deletion requests, and implementing data retention procedures;
  • manage pipeline tracking of procurement notices/enquiries received by potential partners and donors and distribute to the correct Practice Centre(s) in a timely manner;
  • arrange DBS checks for staff and/or consultants as required; and
  • formatting/editing of project reports, providing a quality control function.

Travel and security

  • manage travel agents and support on consultant travel arrangements;
  • ensure a clear internal travel policy is in place, communicated regularly, and staff comply;
  • create checklists and reminders for travel advice to ensure that internal staff are prepared and safe when travelling, and consultants are aware of in-country requirements;
  • manage security information service to ensure that internal and project staff are receiving timely security alerts from MSP’s third party security provider;
  • coordinate update of country briefing documents with safety, security, travel and accommodation information; and
  • Arrange and monitor travel and injury insurance for consultants and employees.

Other functions

  • backstop other project coordinators, performing their tasks as may be required when they are on leave or otherwise unavailable.
Qualifications, Experience and Competencies
  • degree in human resource, administration or other related discipline, though graduates of other disciplines will be considered;
  • at least one year’s general office experience in a busy environment;
  • experience in HR related issues or previous experience in a resourcing role would be an asset;
  • practical IT skills, including competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and experience of internet research;
  • have excellent time management and organisational skills, and be able to prioritise multiple requests from the internal practice areas and externally from the field;
  • proven experience of meeting strict deadlines and being able to remain calm under pressure;
  • team player who is able to work effectively in small groups;
  • writes clearly and concisely with high attention to detail;
  • have an understanding of and empathy with other cultures; and
  • an ability to communicate in another language is beneficial though not essential.
Performance Measures

The performance of the Resourcing Coordinator will be assessed in accordance with the performance of the PMU, individual goals and targets set for the Resourcing Coordinator according to annual appraisals, and the tasks outlined above.

About the Organization

Maxwell Stamp PLC (MSP) is a development consultancy firm that provides technical expertise and managerial oversight for the implementation of donor-funded development projects in both developing and transitional economies across the globe.

The central goal in all MSPs work in developing countries, is the promotion of broad based and pro-poor economic growth. Primarily our work is financed by the leading international development agencies including the World Bank, the UK Department for International Development and the European Commission.

MSP was established in 1959, since then the company has expanded into a global group and boasts experience in over 170 countries as well as offices in Dhaka, Nairobi, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh with project offices around the world.

MSP employs over 40 in-house staff, most of whom are technical consultants spread across the organisations four practice areas, which are:

  • Public Sector Management (PSM)
  • Human Development (HD)
  • Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction (LPR)
  • Economics and Finance (E&F)
  • Infrastructure (in Abu Dhabi)

In addition to our technical practice areas, we also have a dedicated Project Management Unit (PMU), Project Support Unit (PSU), and Finance & Accounting Unit.

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