Senior Consultant - Mid-term review of the Communications Sector Plan

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 14 February 2020

Job Description

Duration: 30 Working days (10 home based, 20 in country)
Location: Apia, Samoa

Senior Consultant ARF: C4
Supporting Consultant ARF: C3/C4 dependent on experience

Programme Background

Adam Smith International (ASI) manages the Samoa Governance Support Programme, which is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Established in 2016 following agreement between the Government of Samoa (GoS) and the Government of Australia, the Samoa Governance Support Programme (the Programme) works with the GoS to achieve sustainable and equitable development in accordance with the Strategy for the Development of Samoa (2017-2020) and the Australia-Samoa Aid Partnership Arrangement (2016-2019). The Programme has two objectives: to develop and strengthen policies and institutions that enable sustainable and inclusive economic growth, especially private sector-led growth; and to improve economic governance by addressing issues that affect underlying public sector capability and performance.

Responsibility for the strategic management of the Programme rests with the Programme Steering Committee, whose membership comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ministry of Finance (chair); the CEO of the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet (deputy chair); the Chair of the Public Service Commission; and the Australian High Commissioner to Samoa.

Position Description

Samoa’s communications and information technology (ICT) sector, which is vital to all three domains of governance (government, civil society, and the private sector) now has an approved Communications Sector Plan (CSP). The Plan needs to be implemented as effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible. Many of the CSP activities are either national or cross-government in scale and involve technologies and methods that sector organisations are not familiar with.

The senior consultant will provide support to senior management and staff of the MCIT in its assessment of the implementation of the CSP regarding matters such as those set out below:

  1. Analogue-to-digital terrestrial switchover;
  2. Government digital transformation utilising the Samoa National Broadband Highway (SNBH) and establishment of the domestic Internet exchange point (IXP);
  3. Rollout of Internet access in schools and revision to undergraduate, teacher in-service and pre-service, and student curricula (to move from applied information technology competencies to basic computer science competencies),
  4. Establish the national cyber security capability;
  5. Implement various alternate forms of computing like virtualisation, hybrid-cloud, cloud, and thin-client computing;
  6. Advise on the architecture and technologies used for identity and access management in both government-initiated and civil society identity programs, like trust frameworks; and
  7. Consolidate, rationalise, and harmonise policy, legislative and regulatory instruments governing the communications sector, then identify gaps, make recommendations, and work with legislators to draft instruments needed.

Assignment Objectives

Accordingly, the main objectives of the TA project are to provide assistance to MCIT and other sector agencies with:

  1. The assessment of progress regarding the matters set out in the position description above, and others, by conducting a mid-term review of the sector plan;
  2. The identification of emerging directions; and
  3. To continue with the institutionalisation of the knowledge, skills, systems and processes underlying the above so as to provide for their sustainability and for the self-sufficiency of the host organisation and related organisations in these respects.

Consultant selection will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Work experience: For the senior consultant/team leader, at least ten years of work experience that is clearly relevant – in terms of substantive technical content, scope, and level(s) - to the work outlined in these TOR. For the supporting consultant, at least eight years of similar experience.
  2. Developing and developed country experience: The team leader should be able to draw on comparative experience from work carried out in at least three other developing countries and at least two advanced economies. Experience of small and small-island states will be viewed favourably.
  3. Qualifications: Both consultants should possess an advanced degree in a relevant discipline (or equivalent peer reviewed publications or experience in lieu).
  4. Substantive knowledge: The team leader should have strong and up-to-date knowledge of ICT and a reputation in the industry as a leader in these fields, as demonstrated by the level and type of work he or she has done in both developed and developing countries. The supporting consultant should be recognised locally as someone possessing advanced knowledge and expertise in ICT. Both consultants should also possess up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the relevant literature and key development issues, such as capacity and institution building, institutionalisation and sustainability. They should have thorough understanding of the differences and interdependencies between policies, plans, legislation, and strategies combined with the ability to make judgements about the balance to be struck in different circumstances between bottom-up and top-down developments in these fields.
  5. Analytical capability: The past performance of both candidates should demonstrate that they are capable of analysing complex problems and producing practical and workable solutions.
  6. Performance under pressure: Both consultants will be expected to have a consistent record of producing outstanding performance under pressure and of working with senior government counterparts.
  7. Judgement: Both consultants should be capable of making independent judgments and the team leader in particular should have the ability to lead discussion, influence, and develop consensus on difficult and controversial issues, and to balance and mediate multiple stakeholder expectations and objectives.
  8. Knowledge and skill transfer: Both consultants should be able to convey effectively their own knowledge and skills to others and to mentor and guide counterparts concerning their professional development, for the benefit of the host agency, the sector, the economy and society.
  9. Written and oral communication capabilities: It is essential that the team leader in particular possesses the ability to express complex ideas - both in writing and orally – clearly and in plain English to a variety of audiences, including government officials, community groups, entrepreneurs, donors, and other professionals.
  10. Interpersonal and intercultural skills: Both consultants should possess excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills and be able to manage questions of national and organizational culture effectively and to build effective and harmonious working relations with clients and counterparts.
  11. Leadership: The team leader should possess strong leadership qualities and the ability to work in, and manage, teams. He or she should also be able to work effectively in a matrix management environment or one that has multiple lines of reporting.

How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to submit a CV and a short covering note with the subject “Senior Consultant: Mid-term review of the Communications Sector Plan” or “Supporting Consultant: Mid-term review of the Communications Sector Plan”to Unfortunately, due to high application volume, we won’t be able to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Applications close Sunday 15th March 2020.

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