Senior Manager, Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 2 March 2020
  • Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States | Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Closing on 1 April 2020
  • Current

Job Description

The Senior Manager of Financial Reporting and Analysis has key responsibility for the production of agency financial statements, internal financial reporting, and financial analysis as well as related systems and controls. The position also leads the annual and interim budgeting and forecasting process and is responsible for the tools, systems, and processes used by all staff in these critical activities. This position will provide critical historical and future-looking financial analysis to inform strategic and operational decisions, and to facilitate “what if” analysis.


  • Financial Statement & Ad-Hoc Reporting

To provide timely, useful, and reliable financial performance data in support of strategic and operational decisions. This will be measured by the timeliness and quality of financial reports provided to budget holders. Providing timely financial data and analysis to meet dynamic decision support requests is essential as LWR-IMA continues to expand operations. This will be measured by the quality and timeliness of reports provided.

  1. Produce enhanced standard financial statements and other agency reporting in support of LWR-IMA budget holders. This includes a monthly budget to actual reports with variance analysis and other required standard reports. This includes responding to ad-hoc reporting and financial analysis requests from the leadership team and other clients.
  2. Initiate the development of the monthly and quarterly Leadership Team reporting package, Board financial reports, and other financial presentations for review by the Director of Finance. May be asked to facilitate finance presentations as required. This includes updating trend analysis (reports, charts, graphs) for various purposes and audiences (Senior Finance staff, leadership team, Board).
  3. Provide support to the Director of Finance for LWR-IMA’s annual audit and coordinate in the preparation of form 990 and other required financial reports.
  4. Perform analysis of LWR-IMA’s operational activities, including historical, current, and projected revenue and expense, cash flow, variances, and key financial data, including indirect cost and fringe benefit rates as well as the efficiency ratio.
  5. Perform scenario and financial modeling, and sensitivity analysis to be used to inform strategic decisions and project financial impact of a policy or other changes (e.g. NICRA methodology change, treatment of bid and proposal costs, etc.)
  6. With an objective of continuous improvement balanced with clarity and consistency, develop and refine reporting formats to be as concise and user-friendly as possible. Identify and implement an enhanced process for consolidating variance analysis for review by budget holders and the leadership team.
  7. Responsibility for implementation of and training on financial reporting systems.
  • Corporate Budgeting & Forecasting

To facilitate the accurate and timely collection of forecast data in support of interim resource allocation decisions and budget planning. These activities will help integrate forecasting into the annual planning and budgeting process and facilitate better knowledge and ownership of financial results by budget holders. To ensure that LWR-IMA maintains appropriate systems and procedures to support efficient and effective financial reporting and performance projections. This will be measured by the efficiency of various systems and processes, as well as end-user experience with the same.

  1. Lead LWR-IMA’s financial budget and forecast processes. This includes the design and production of budget and forecast guidance, development of tools and processes, and training of budget holders on the use of budgeting and forecasting systems and processes. It also includes consolidation and analysis of budget and forecast data for senior finance staff, leadership team, and Board. This includes updating forecasts and projections, as well as providing extensive budget data and analysis to F&A leadership for use in management meetings and presentations, Board reporting, and other purposes.
  2. In coordination with Director of Finance, implementation of and training for budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting systems changes. This includes responsibility for the development of user manuals and training curriculum for new processes and systems/tools.
  3. Maintain off-cycle budget amendments. This will include updating the budgeting software to reflect budget/forecast amendments provided to the F&A department in compliance with the Budget Maintenance Policy.
  4. Develop and maintain a system for tracking mid-year budget adjustments and impact on organizational metrics. Update and provide regular reports with key metrics to show the impact of approved changes.
  5. Create, maintain, and enhance Financial Planning spreadsheet models (budget, forecast, and analysis including “what if” scenario analysis).
  6. Develop and disseminate organization’s Financial Planning timeline.
  7. Support International Finance staff in their preparation of quarterly projections of program activity segregating the amounts that are included and excluded from LWR-IMA’s base for overhead allocation.
  8. At the time of budget, forecast, and impact of budget adjustments, prepare a report for the VP of Finance and Administration noting LWR-IMA’s compliance with the Working Capital Reserve Requirement.
  • Improving Corporate Financial Management

Early identification of significant variances against operational plans supports the timely implementation of corrective action plans. These measures will further promote effective stewardship and planning. Budget holders and management will be informed timely as such variances are identified.

  1. Facilitate timely analysis of budget variances, including the review of explanations provided by budget holders.
  2. Provide guidance to budget holders regarding corrective action and advise the Leadership Team as necessary.
  3. Perform monthly and quarterly general ledger analysis on the various asset, liability, revenue and expense accounts.
  4. Participate in the assessment, development, and facilitation of agency-wide staff training related to financial literacy, reporting, monitoring, and related internal controls.
  5. In coordination with the International Finance team, track the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations on LWR-IMA overall budgets, including the impact of awards in foreign currencies. The goal is to minimize losses to LWR-IMA and identify the need for new/enhanced risk mitigation measures (e.g. hedging, forward currency purchasing, etc.)
  • Other
  1. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Accounting, Finance, or related field. A master’s degree or CPA is preferred. Equivalent experience may be considered.
  • 7-8 years’ experience effectively analyzing and communicating key financial data, including presentations to senior management. Experience in the non-profit sector is preferred;
  • Corporate budgeting and forecasting experience;
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills with the capacity to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines and competing priorities;
  • Strong knowledge and experience with accounting database report writing tools. Effective financial modeling and budgeting skills utilizing advanced Excel techniques;
  • Experience with business intelligence tools and various ERP systems is such Adaptive Planning is highly desirable.
  • Proven excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work effectively with staff at all levels and tailor communication to varied audiences;
  • Drive to consistently display a high level of professionalism and customer service;
  • Ability to identify trends and best practices and develop networking opportunities to further solutions;
  • Management and leadership abilities and knowledge of accounting principles and non-profit issues and resources.
  • Professional integrity, initiative, dependability, and commitment to excellence;
  • Experience with government grants and contracts strongly preferred;
  • Ability to work independently in meeting objectives;
  • Strong PC skills, particularly experience with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, accounting database systems (MIP preferred), financial report writing packages, and budget/forecast tools;
  • Strong knowledge of accounting principles, procedures, and internal controls.
  • Training and group presentation skills preferred
  • Commitment to LWR-IMA’s corporate core value of having a Mission-Driven Culture and the ability to model that value in relationships with colleagues and partners s, regulations, policies, and procedures.

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