Slaughterhouse Waste Management Expert

Apply by 26 April 2013
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 28 May 2012

Job Description

SIM SpA is looking for a Slaughterhouse Waste Management Expert

for the below Project.

AMIP Agricultural Market Infrastructure Project

The impact of the Project will be increased agricultural growth, through development of more efficient livestock and horticulture agribusinesses. This outcome will be achieved with the following outputs: improved agricultural marketing infrastructure with investment in slaughterhouses, small-scale horticulture market facilities, laboratories to certify products, and improved standards for horticultural products and product-management systems.

Project outputs will be:

9. Component 1: Improved Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure which will involve livestock and horticulture market infrastructure investments and provide support to improve the commercial operation of facilities, including the adoption of improved postharvest technologies and marketing practices. Slaughterhouses will be constructed inKabuland three provincial centers. Small-scale horticulture collection and storage facilities will be established in production areas in each of the seven regions of the country. Commodity certification laboratories will be developed and improved. These investments will address critical gaps affecting productivity, product quality, market access, and demand in domestic and regional markets.

10. Component 2: Effective Project Management and Capacity Support. A project management office (PMO) will be established in MAIL in Kabul, which will manage project activities; liaise and coordinate project organization and consultant inputs; and undertake reporting, procurement, contract supervision and oversight, project monitoring, and impact assessment and evaluation. The PMO will be provided with vehicles and equipment, staff, and consultants’ inputs in contract technical oversight, procurement, and monitoring and evaluation. Technical support for market infrastructure design; commodity market training linked to the farm market infrastructure facilities; and the development of product standards, laboratory systems, and certification is included in this component. It includes the following: farm market infrastructure and product standards development.


Slaughterhouse Waste Management Expert:

Proposed Input: 3 p/m

The Slaughterhouse Waste Management Expert will carry out tasks as assigned by the Team Leader and with close coordination with the Slaughterhouse Expert, Contractor for the Slaughterhouse construction (Dogus Makina) Experts, Animal Health Department, NEPA, Municipality, Food Engineer, Training Specialist and other entities for the AMIP project slaughterhouse construction sub-component. In particular, the Slaughterhouse Expert will perform the following tasks:

• Identify the amount of the solid waste and waste-water produced in each of the Slaughterhouse

• Identify the capacity of each S.Hs capacity for keeping the S.H waste

• Provide proposals for the water treatment plan management and cleaning

• Provide suggestions for the usage of the treated water for the S.H greenery and possible discharge to farming land

• Provide suggestions on cleaning of the S.H processing units, usage of detergents, anti-septic…etc items

• Quantify the amount of chemicals after the water treatment that should not be harmful when used for the S.Hs greenery and discharge outside of the S.Hs

• Review the waste water, blood and feces carriage and canalization system

• Provide solid recommendations on usage of the S.Hs wastes including (blood, bones and feces) for checking feed and producing organic fertilizer

• Study and propose usage of the S.Hs feces for production of bio gas

• Provide guidance and procedure for waste management of S.Hs in consideration of the national and international environmental regulations and standards

• Train the S.Hs management in waste-management of the S.Hs waste

• Provide recommendations on the establishment of rendering plant for value adding of the wastes (blood, horn, bones and feces)

• Develop procedures for inspecting materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions.

• Provide proposals for coordination of S.H operations and activities within or between S.H sections

• Specify S.H employee training requirement in waste management Provide working schedule for waste management of the S.Hs

Advice on:

• Complete process of the waste management

• Compliance with NEPA and Municipality waste management procedures

• Establishment of the rendering plants for value add of the S.Hs by-products (blood, feces and bones)

Required Qualifications:


• Master degree in Environmental Protection studies and waste management or a close related field

Professional Experience:

• At least seven years of professional experience relevant to the Job Description requirements

• Slaughterhouse industry waste management experience is highly desirable

• International and regional experience in slaughterhouse waste management required

• Experience in rendering plant establishment and by-product value chain

• Overall familiarity with the meat processing industry waste management, current waste management methods and procedures and technologies

• Familiarity with rendering systems and technologies for the positive usage of the slaughterhouse by-products

• In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access

• Fluency in English

Management and Reporting Arrangements:

The incumbent reports to the Team Leader and perform his duties in close coordination with the Slaughterhouse Experts and the Project Director