Team Leader/ Highways Engineer

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 18 July 2018

Job Description

Team leadership/Highway engineer

The consultant will preferably have a master’s degree in civil engineering with relevant experience in, planning, design, programming, managing, monitoring, and supervising construction of roads, flyovers and bridges. S/he will be responsible for overall co-ordination of core team activities and will be directly responsible to the DGH staff. Should possess experience of about 10-15 years, including 5-10 years of project management/team leadership work. S/he would preferably have experience in Indonesia

The main responsibility will be to coordinate the project activities and ensure that the objective of this TOR is fulfilled to the satisfaction of DGH. In addition, The Team Leader has a function as a full time expert team member, contributing services in technical advisory, management and monitoring of loan expenditure, setting up technical guidance and standard as necessary and assisting the DGH in conducting social study and/or environmental mitigation, etc. While the project specific RFP will outline the responsibilities of the highway engineer, illustrative responsibilities shall include, but is not limited to the

  • Reviewing designs and cost estimates on behalf of the Balai/Satker or PIU;
  • Ensuring that all provisions of the TOR are fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of DGH in connection with organizing and implementing road works especially with regards to DED standard and preparedness (LAR, environment, and permits) government requirements and ADB requirements for projects to be financed by ADB;
  • Assisting DGH’s Balai/Satker or PIU with a complete understanding of the project requirements to ensure successful implementation and disbursement of the ESP Loan;
  • Ensuring technical and financial administration, progress planning, quality and cost controls and guidance of the staff during the detailed design, bid assistance and supervision phase;
  • Ensuring continued liaison, especially on technical matters between the engineering design team and DGH’s Balai/Satker and PIU throughout the detailed design phase;
  • Assisting PIU, as required, in supervision of construction and monitoring of the construction progress and quality;
  • Establishing liaison and co-operation with relevant stakeholders with regards to the ESP project;
  • Co-ordinating the work with field team to ensure that all detailed field engineering for the road/fly over/bridge are consistent with the contract package for the purpose of defining the location and extent and quality of those work items which are only partially specified in the Contract Documents;
  • Assisting DGH’s Balai/Satker or PIU in reviewing any major design changes proposed, provide satisfactory technical justification for major contract change order and addenda and assist in gaining the concurrence of the PIU for the use of any additional budget required;
  • Monitoring the submission of reports to ensure their quality accuracy and timeliness, and making interventions to ensure that they are error-free, including advising the PIU on the proper completion of data reports, and monitoring the progress of the project;
  • Monitoring the accuracy and timeliness of data, processing and transfer of information and reports to the PMO;
  • Obtaining appropriate reports and information from the PIU, and compilation of regular updates;
  • Ensuring that DGH’s policies and standards are implemented in all contract packages and field supervision teams; and
  • Other aspects, as may be necessary for the project based on requirements of the Balai/Satker and PIU, as the case may be.

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