Team Leader: Midwives, Mentoring, and Monitoring

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 23 June 2020
  • Philippines | Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
  • Closing on 23 July 2020
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Job Description

The Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting for Improved Health (CLAimHealth) Activity provides monitoring, evaluation, and learning support to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Philippines’ Health Project (2017–2024), which seeks to improve health outcomes for underserved Filipinos. CLAimHealth, one of twelve activities in USAID’s Health Project, generates and uses high quality monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data, documents good practices and promising interventions (GPPIs), and conducts implementation research. The Team Leader: Midwives, Mentoring, and Monitoring position is based in Manila, Philippines.

CLAimHealth will validate whether the intervention is a GPPI through a mixed method approach, using quantitative and qualitative evidence gathered from year-end performance data, review of available records and reports (e.g. USAID’s Community, Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health, and Nutrition Scale-up 2 (CMSU2) Project’s final whole-of-project report and technical products presented at the CMSU2 hand-over), key informant interviews (KIIs), and focus group discussions (FGDs). KIIs and FGDs will cover both private sector and public sector midwives. Through a brief online or SMS survey, CLAimHealth may also assess midwives who benefited from CMSU2’s Midwives, Mentoring, and Monitoring (3Ms) and Supportive Supervision Plus (SSV+) Programs and midwives who did not participate (e.g. midwives at other current USAID sites and/or non-USG supported sites.) Finally, we will document and assess the experiences of other implementing partners who are currently employing 3Ms and/or SSV+, gleaning strengths, challenges, and any adaptive management decisions.

Principal responsibilities of the senior consultant:

  • Prepare the documentation inception report. This includes the methodology, research tools, and work plan, ensuring that project activities meet the task order scope of work, objectives, timeline, and are within budget.
  • For discussion at weekly Zoom meetings, prepare weekly progress reports, which may include status updates of activities, and as the documentation process continues, a draft outline and sections of the report.
  • Conduct a desk review of available records, year-end performance data, technical reports and briefs, assessments, and success stories (including CMSU2’s final whole-of-project report and technical products presented at the CMSU2 hand-over).
  • As directed by CLAimHealth, perform data collection in selected validation sites, including conduct of KIIs and/or FGDs. With the current quarantine restrictions, data collection will be conducted virtually.
  • Explore trends in selected health indicators before and during 3Ms and SSV+ interventions.
  • Through a brief online or SMS survey, assess midwives who benefitted from CMSU2’s 3Ms and SSV+ programming and midwives who did not participate.
  • Document the experiences of other implementing partners who are currently employing 3Ms and SSV+ strategies and tools, gleaning strengths, challenges, and any adaptive management decisions.
  • Provide concrete, sample products of practical tools and strategies to support midwives and which may be easily selected, adopted, and widely used by other IPs and stakeholders. The products may be refined, incorporating feedback from this documentation process.
  • Join virtual meetings and coordinate with CLAimHealth on the necessary tasks for successful data collection, analysis, and documentation.
  • Direct and supervise the selected junior consultant who will serve as research associate for the documentation.
  • Write the preliminary and final reports based on the agreed outline, schedule, and feedback from CLAimHealth.
  • Respond to comments from USAID-OH and CLAimHealth after their review of the preliminary report, and complete all revisions.
  • Present the documentation results and conclusions to USAID Office of Health, CLAimHealth, and USAID Health Project implementing partners.


The Senior Consultant or Team Leader should have the following minimum qualifications:

  • At least 5 years of experience in public health research, evaluation studies, documentation research, or case studies. Experience in health systems strengthening is preferred.
  • Masters degree or higher in any of the following: public health, epidemiology, medical anthropology, health sociology, health social science, social work and community development, or health economics
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Excellent analytic skills and experience using mixed method approaches to analysis
  • Publications/technical reports (at least 3)
  • References (3)

About the Organization

Panagora Group is a small business providing novel and integrated solutions in global health and international development. Our vision is to provide high-quality, high-impact social and economic development consulting, with a special focus on public-private partnerships, human and institutional capacity-building, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning, NGO/community engagement, and integrated solutions that build country capacity and independence.

Application Instructions:

Please visit our website at to apply. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

Panagora Group is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices.

*Note: Panagora does not offer visa sponsorship at this time.

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