Thai-Laos Market Linkages Assessment: Horticulture (Consultant)

Vientiane, Laos | Bangkok, Thailand
Apply by 27 December 2017
Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 6 December 2017

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Thai-Laos Market Linkages Assessment: Horticulture

PROJECT: Creating Linkages for Expanded Agriculture Networks (CLEAN)

LOCATION: Regional assignment: Vientiane, Laos; Bangkok, Thailand; Thai-Laos border markets

LENGTH OF EFFORT: Up to 70 working days

REPORTS TO: CLEAN Chief of Party and CLEAN Home Office Staff


The CLEAN Project is a four (4) year program implemented by Winrock International in partnership with the Government of Lao PDR, and funded by the Food for Progress Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The primary focus of Creating Linkages for Expanded Agricultural Networks (CLEAN) is on building the capacity of farmer organizations, Government of Lao PDR (GOL) counterparts, private agro-enterprises, and trade networks. To achieve this, CLEAN will collaborate closely with key government, donor, and private sector counterparts at the central, provincial, district, and village levels. The project looks forward to the establishment of a Steering Committee to ensure close coordination among the project, GOL, and donor programs and to provide strategic guidance, monitoring, and oversight.


Winrock will endeavor to increase producers’ access to domestic and regional markets by capitalizing on Laos’ comparative advantage in the region in safe and sanitary horticultural production. Winrock will develop a value chain upgrading plan that assesses the capacity of farmer organizations and maps productive assets in order to understand gaps in the horticultural supply chain. Winrock will also engage a regional business development service provider to connect domestic and regional companies interested in sourcing organic, Fair Trade, and GAP horticultural products from Laotian producers. Winrock will also build upon existing trade linkage models, including the agreement between Ubon Rachahtani province in Thailand and Champasak province in Laos, by linking agribusinesses in neighboring countries to Laotian producers and processors.

Moreover, Winrock will provide technical assistance to investors, traders, and other stakeholders in business skills, certification requirements, and accessing finance, in order to better access export markets.


Winrock’s main objective for this study is to identify in detail existing market linkages for two products currently being exported from the South of Laos to Thailand: fresh cabbage and fresh bananas.


  • Develop one major flow chart for each commodity that maps the movement and percentages to end user destinations. GPS coordinates should be used for different branches (Field to Fork)
  • Investigate in detail the different trades/middlemen as groups to identify the number of individuals at each branch of the commodity map.
  • Investigate the end use of the commodity and its destination and the transport linkages and their timing.
  • Report on the different markets their locations and type of end users.
  • Identify and explain any postharvest techniques being currently used anywhere in the chain
  • Investigate in detail the type of transport and packaging in use to move commodity in different branches of the chain as it reached its final destination.
  • Investigate any adding of value however small in the life of the commodity.
  • Investigate the present situation of postharvest losses that occur to the commodity in weight while in processing or total losses
  • If the commodity changes in quality during the market chain what percentage are reduced in value and where.
  • Identify and report on the reasons for postharvest losses in the commodity
  • Identify and report on the seasonality for exports of the commodity and then report on the many factors for the seasonality of delivery.
  • Define the market destinations based on season or quality.
  • At all stages of the value chain, define the present constraints as reported by all actors in the present value chain.
  • Identify and report on any present grading of product and where in the chain.
  • Define any differentiation of product that is occurring at the present time.
  • Report in detail on the present documentation that is required to export the two commodities
  • Report on the export difficulties encountered by export farmers, middle men, etc.
  • Report on any monitoring of commodity or traceable systems being currently used by exports and buyers that might track growers or harvest dates etc.
  • Identify any specification for the commodities where written or known by growers and buyers.
  • Report on any parasitic/small volume commodities that travel in the same value chain from Laos.


  • Outline report - summitted and agreed within two weeks of contract signing
  • Draft report - within 6 weeks of signed contract
  • Final Draft for review - within 8 weeks of signed contract
  • Final report - within 10 weeks of signed contract


Work location: Everywhere the commodity takes you… from field to fork.

Estimated Dates of Performance: January/February research; report due by March 14th.


  1. Financial Budget (length as required to clarify proposed costs) The applicant shall propose a realistic cost estimate for this assignment, including a line-item budget and budget narrative that justifies expenses. The budget shall include only those costs that can be directly attributed to the activities proposed (with explanation of line items). In the budget narrative, applicant must show existence of financial and administrative systems to adequately account for funds provided under this assignment.
  2. Work Plan (maximum of 2 pages) Here you should propose the main activities of the assignment, their content and duration, phasing and interrelations, milestones (including interim approvals by the Client), and delivery dates of the reports. The proposed work plan should be consistent with the technical approach and methodology, showing understanding of the SOW and ability to translate them into a feasible working plan. A list of the final documents, including reports, drawings, and tables to be delivered as final output, should be included here.
  3. Assumptions and Risks (maximum of half page) Describe assumptions which are necessary for the survey to be implemented. Describe any risk/threats which could potentially threaten implementation of the activities and what is or will be done to mitigate these risks.
  4. Experience (maximum of 4 pages) Illustrative listing of contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements involving similar or related assignment within the last three years. Reference information must include the location, a brief description of work performed, value of the project, and contact with current telephone numbers. Winrock reserves the right to contact these projects as an organizational reference in the selection process.
  5. Team Composition (maximum of 2 pages) The applicant shall list and briefly describe the name(s), qualifications and responsibilities of the staff proposed to work on the assignment. (CVs of proposed personnel should be included in an annex and not counted toward page limit). The proposed team must include an Evaluation Team Leader who is an Agricultural Economist, Rural Development Specialist, or has related qualifications with expertise in evaluating development projects in Laos. Experience with value chain analysis is preferred. Other recommended team members could include: analyst familiar with quantitative and qualitative data analysis; data entry team; and survey enumerators.
  6. Organization (maximum of 2 pages) The applicant shall provide summary of organizational capacity to conduct monitoring and evaluation in general and baseline studies specifically. This section should also state the organizational legal status in Laos, type of ownership and management, overview of projects/services, and geographic scope.
  7. Technical proposal (not exceeding 15 pages) The technical proposal should reflect how the applicant would undertake all the tasks in the Scope of Work. The applicant will provide a detailed plan of specific activities and timetable for carrying out the assignment and data collection and analysis activities.
  8. Local and international firms and organizations or consultants that are interested in implementing this assignment are requested to submit a proposal. Each proposal should be typed in 12-point font. The proposal submission should include each of the following sections in the specific order listed below in order to be considered for this consultancy:


    • Minimum of 5 years of demonstrated experience in conducting similar assignments and producing high quality analytical reports
    • Excellent written and spoken English skills. Ability to communicate in Thai and Laos languages and dialects as needed for a successful assessment.
    • Willing and able to travel within Laos and Thailand including to rural or under-developed locations.
    • Experience working with a donor-funded project preferred.

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