Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) Consultant

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 4 June 2020
  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Closing on 4 July 2020
  • Current

Job Description


We are seeking candidates for the role of Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) Consultant for programs and projects being implemented in Venezuela.

The scope of this assignment is to monitor and verify projects in Venezuela to validate outputs and activities. This is a part-time consulting role for an individual based in Venezuela, through September 2021. Efforts will be conducted on 4 - 5 projects in Venezuela that address WASH, community engagement, data collection and other areas expected to last 12 - 16 months. Work plans of each of the projects will be shared with the consultant upon contract signature.

Candidates with experience working on monitoring and evaluation of projects in non-permissive environments are highly encouraged to apply.


The assignment is designed to complement, and not duplicate, project-level monitoring evaluation undertaken. The main objective of the TPM is to validate project data and increase reliability for reporting purposes.

Tasks & Deliverables

It is envisioned that the assignment will comprise three main components, namely:

1. Inception Phase Leading to the Development of a TPM Plan for the Project, Including -

• A kickoff meeting.

• A desk review of documentation on project activities in the field.

• A limited number of interviews with key stakeholders including project beneficiaries, staff, and community members.

• Definition of the specific parameters for site visits and data collection and review protocols for each of the selected projects.

• Drawing on Responsible Data principles, articulation of their approach to information gathering, sharing, and reporting.

• Elaboration of a work plan and timeline for data collection, and reporting activities that correspond to project and portfolio level reporting requirements. The work plan will include an approach for engagement of implementers that accounts for the current COVID-specific operating context, e.g.: use of PPE and practice of social distancing when engaging project implementers, and other appropriate efforts.

2. Execute Monitoring Activities -

• Conduct field visits to project sites to determine whether outputs, activities and services are conducted per contractual agreements and in accordance with each project’s MEL plan. For example, inspection of project documentation and physical outputs to be shared along with pictures with GPS coordinates and videos (when requested)

• Interview project staff and, where possible, direct beneficiaries and/or relevant community members to gather additional qualitative information on outputs and outcomes

• Provide the team with supporting documentation including, but not limited to, cleaned format and clean interview transcripts.

3. Reporting –

A maximum of ten field visit summary reports that are submitted within five days of the visit. The reports should include:

• Summary, photos and video of activities conducted.

• Methodology detailing how project implementers were engaged and information validated.

• Findings from the results of the TPM activity in an impartial and non-judgmental manner. Findings should be accurate, concise and cover:

▪ Project performance against its plan.

▪ Key findings to be highlighted and elaborated on.

▪ Critical issues or serious deficiencies observed, if any.

▪ Key learnings about broader Challenge implementation and/or assumptions made to create the Theory of Change.

▪ Conclusions about the validity of information reported by the project implementer and a recommendation pertaining to each one. Recommendations should be realistic, context-aware, and pragmatic, and identify stakeholders referenced required for the recommended change to happen.

• Annexes: Include tools used for data collection, datasets produced, analytical protocols, checklists, frameworks, list of secondary data sources, technical documents used.

It is important that beneficiaries be included in Third Party Monitoring activities, to reflect their opinions, expectations, and views about the contribution of the projects towards the achievement of their goals. The methods employed should always consider the safety and privacy of participants (by ensuring confidentiality of data) as well as uphold standards of ethical research and quality assurance. Further, the consultant is to abide by the humanitarian principles and do no harm approach.

The Consultant is expected to provide regular updates via tele or video conference meetings with the management team in Washington, D.C. The TPM consultant should provide information on progress against the TPM workplan, next steps, any risks anticipated and/or challenges encountered.


The TPM is scheduled to start mid-June and end September 2021. Specifically, the first site visit should tentatively happen in July 2020. The selected consultant will conduct field visits on a regular basis. Information and data gathered will be analyzed and presented in the form of field summary reports, as detailed in the previous section. Findings should always feed into upcoming activities. If needed, an amended M&E plan will be shared with the consultant with the expectation that the consultant will be ready to adapt to the changing situation.

Key Qualifications of Consultant

The consultant must be free to operate in the locations specified, i.e., have access to all projects’ geographical areas of implementation. The consultant should have the following background:

• Ability to cover the work or mobilize a team with appropriate qualifications, e.g., bachelors or post-graduate qualifications in economics, sociology, development/humanitarian studies or relevant field.

• Experience in designing and conducting monitoring and evaluation of development and or relief projects and activities in Venezuela.

• Knowledge of responsible data and approaches in accordance with established and agreed upon standards.

• A solid understanding of and direct experience in the context as well as a well-established capacity to operate efficiently in light of security levels and concerns, and culture.

• Strong analytical skills and ability to clearly synthesize and present findings.

• Excellent written and oral English and Spanish.

Assignment Reporting Structure

The consultant will report to the designated team leader on a regular basis. The consultant will also be required to work in close cooperation with other key stakeholders involved in humanitarian aid in Venezuela.

Specific Inputs to be Presented by the Project/Consultant

The project will provide the consultant with instructions, materials and methodologies specifically designed for this type of project and based on previous experience and good practice.

The consultant will make every effort to ensure that tasks allocated are completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner. In addition, the consultant is expected to provide any computers and other materials required for the completion of the services. Moreover, the consultant is responsible for providing transport, access, accommodation, and food-related expenses for her or himself and any other key personnel, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the project.

Confidentiality Statement

All data and information received for the purposes of this assignment are to be treated confidentially, rights reserved, and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. The contents of written materials obtained and used in this assignment may not be disclosed to third parties without expressed written authorization of the hiring party.

Contract Award

The selected consultant will enter a firm fixed price agreement through which they will be paid by submission of key deliverables. The deliverables will be aligned to the description in section 3c of this document.

About the Organization

Resonance is an award-winning frontier market solutions firm based in Burlington, Vermont that helps a variety of donor, commercial and investor clients around the world to catalyze lasting impact. We envision a prosperous and just world of thriving markets, healthy ecosystems, and vibrant communities where business, governments and citizens work together creating a better world for all. Resonance seeks to catalyze large-scale social, environmental, and economic change by fostering new and dynamic forms of collaboration. We do this by fostering public-private partnerships, facilitating sustainable investment, and providing deep analytical insights in frontier markets. We strive to merge strategic insight with practical on-the-ground knowledge into an integrated approach that emphasizes results. We seek candidates who are ready to apply their analytical and problem-solving skills to some of our planet’s greatest challenges in an entrepreneurial, fun, and fast-paced environment. We are looking for passionate and committed people who can work in a highly collaborative environment to deliver results for our clients and stakeholders around the world.

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