• Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 30 January 2020

Job Description

Position: Trainer

Location: Syria

Reports to: Hub Team Leader and Program Manager

Duration: 18 Working days (10 Training days, 5 for per -post preparation and 3 for development of action plan)

About RI

Relief International specializes in relief and development programs that benefit people in acute distress. A registered non-profit in the US, UK, France and Belgium, our work targets those fragile countries or communities that suffer from recurrent man-made or natural crises that impede human development. The people that we serve live in seventeen countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where the debilitating effects of political instability, forced displacement, and natural disasters are pervasive. Often, RI is the only organization providing healthcare, education, logistics, energy, capacity building, economic development, sanitation, and many other forms of assistance to these highly vulnerable communities.

Position Summary:

To train RI healthcare providers inside Syria so that they can identify and provide appropriate clinical care for survivors of sexual violence and other forms of GBV according to the guiding principles and compassionate care. RI plans to have the trainings delivered in person inside Syria, unless the security situation makes it impossible.

Scope of Work and deliverables

  • Prepare relevant training materials and training package to be provided to each participant
  • Prepare tools to be used under CCSAS and tools for supervision and follow up
  • Hold a kick-off meeting with Health Coordinator and Programme Manager to discuss the training materials, the methodology for training, the pre and post assessment test, the work plan.
  • Conduct two, Five- days trainings for (15 to 20) health professionals on clinical care for sexual assault survivors and GBV survivors.
  • Clinical Management of rape (CMR) trainings should meet UNFPA requirement which include but not limited to the syndromic management of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs) and use of UNFPA kit number 3 and should give specific attention for treatment and care including for child survivors.
  • Strengthening skills and positive attitudes for providing support and services, including referral to GBV survivors in adherence of the guiding principles and compassionate care.
  • Provide guidance on patient flow, privacy, security of patient files and ensure patient confidentiality.
  • Provide guidance on health facility readiness including the required resources to provide direct patient care and set the responsibilities of every clinic workers.
  • Develop an action plan (with HF staff contribution) to improve clinical care of sexual assault survivors in every health facility.
  • Document results of the training through pre and post tests
  • Submit a training report due in 10 days following the completion of the training and a final conclusive report detailing lessons learnt and recommendations due 10 days following the completion of the on-job supervision.
  • Have a final meeting with Health Coordinator and Programme Manager to discuss the final report and any recommendation for future action

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Minimum BA in Nursing with specialization in Gynecology, Obstetrics or Sexual and Reproductive Health is required, preferable MD/ Gynecologist
  • Training experience in the clinical management of rape
  • Relevant experience training using IASC guidelines on Gender-based Violence and UNFPA Clinical Management of Rape guidelines or the IRC Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors facilitation guide
  • Familiarity with the following materials; any relevant MoH guidelines, the WHO guideline on reproductive health training; IASC’s Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP); and IASC guidelines for HIV/AIDS and PEP; UNFPA Clinical Management of Rape manuals
  • Prior clinical experience providing care for survivors of sexual assault preferred
  • Strong facilitation and writing skills
  • Thorough understanding of the guiding principles and compassionate care
  • Arabic (fluent) and English (fluent)

Expected deliverables

  • Pre and post tests and analysis of results
  • Action plan (with HF staff contribution) to improve clinical care of sexual assault survivors in every health facility
  • Final training report

Relief International’s Values:

We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and operational independence. We affirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities.

We value:


Transparency and accountability

Agility and innovation



NOTE: Interested individuals should submit their application (CV) and proposals including the full cost associated with the training, transportation, and accommodation.

About the Organization

Founded in 1990, Relief International provides emergency, rehabilitation and development services that empower beneficiaries in the process. RI's programs include health, shelter construction, education, community development, agriculture, food, income-generation, and conflict resolution. RI employs an innovative approach to program design and a high quality of implementation performance in demonstrating deep and lasting impact in reducing human suffering worldwide.

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