Urban Infrastructure Specialists

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Apply by 31 January 2017
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 9 December 2016

Job Description

Description The Urban Infrastructure Specialists will be responsible for: (i) conducting technical
analysis of subproject areas; (ii) identifying priority investment projects in urban infrastructure including design, costs, capacity, and operation and maintenance arrangements; (iii) oversee preparation of feasibility study, detailed engineering designs, including specifications, drawings, and detailed cost estimates for the urban infrastructure components. identifying and confirming the technical feasibility of project infrastructure components; (iv) where possible, oversee the preparation of the detailed plans and proposals, including the engineering drawings for the proposed sub project facilities, etc.; (v) work closely with the environmental and safeguards specialists of the team to examine and incorporate environmental and safeguard issues in the components; calculate the incremental costs of climate adaptation into subprojects; (vi) coordinating with the project design advance (PDA) consultants in the preparation of the tender documentation, advising on the selection of contractors and other companies/agencies essential to implementing the subproject proposals and for all procurement related matters in general; (vii) ensuring the design and implementation of the subprojects are sustainable, minimizing environmental impact and including providing inputs to detailed environmental, traffic and drainage impact assessments as required to meet GOB and or ADB standards and guidelines; and (viii) ensuring the technical due diligence is adequately undertaken in ccordance with government and ADB requirements. They will work jointly with the team leader and international specialists in ensuring that sector strategies and plans reflect priorities, the work is grounded in the needs and priorities of each city they will recommend innovative technologies, where appropriate, to improve performance, reduce waste amount through improved recycling and waste-to-energy, and provide cost-effective operation and maintenance. The specialists will take the lead of coordinating and managing the infrastructure development component. A roadmap for short, medium, and long-term interventions for urban infrastructure, in particular urban roads management, is required. Qualifications Required • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in municipal or civil engineering or a combination of a first degree, post-graduate/professional training and extensive relevant experience in urban roads infrastructure development (urban roads, drainage and flood control, water supply and sanitation, etc).
• A minimum of 15 years’ experience in preparing urban infrastructure development, where the focus is on growth, investments and urban regeneration.
• A minimum of 10 years’ experience of working in Asia, especially in South Asia. Previous experience in Bangladesh is preferred though this is not essential.
• Previous experience of leading and supervising multi-sector international and national consulting teams to prepare investment projects in PPTA for international agencies such as the ADB is essential.
• The expert will have excellent English language speaking, writing and presentation skills

About the Organization

NIRAS is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy company with over 1200 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our business is to provide impartial consultancy within the fields of construction, infrastructure, public utilities, environment, energy, planning, socioeconomics, management, IT and development consulting. Our domestic market is the Baltic region where we work from companies in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine. We have completed projects in over 180 countries and have companies and offices in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in order to support our international projects. NIRAS was founded in 1956 by graduate engineers Jørgen Kristian Nielsen and Konrad Rauschenberger. Today, NIRAS is one of the leading consultancy companies in Denmark. We are not attached to contractors, manufacturers or suppliers and are a member of the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI) and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Ownership The shares in the NIRAS group are owned by the NIRAS Foundation as well as management and employees at NIRAS. The main objective of the NIRAS Foundation as the owner of NIRAS Group A/S is to promote the company’s growth and continuance both in financial terms and in relation to staff policy and desirable development.