Vice President for Development and Communications

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 23 June 2016

Job Description

The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with Search for Common Ground in the search for a Vice President for Development and Communications.

Reporting to the CEO and serving as a member of Search for Common Ground’s senior executive team, the Vice President will develop a plan that encompasses all non-governmental fundraising opportunities for the organization, including and especially expanding the individual donor program. The Vice President for Development and Communications will manage the communications and marketing functions of Search including overseeing how Search positions itself to potential donors and external stakeholders in the current media landscape. The successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit with the desire and ability to build an aggressive fundraising program.

This position offers the opportunity to join a new generation of leadership at Search. Two years ago, Search welcomed a new President, Shamil Idriss who has led a revitalization of the organization which was already at the forefront of its field. Notwithstanding tremendous support by multilateral institutions such as the UN and EU and Government agencies, Search seeks to achieve greater sustainability and strategic flexibility through robust fundraising from the private sector. Search is positioning itself for expansive growth in programmatic and advocacy impact, making this a most exciting time in Search’s history to join its leadership team. A senior development leader would work closely with Idriss and would inherit a small but dedicated and effective communications and development support team upon which to build.

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required for this position as is at least 10 years of fundraising or closely related experience. Understanding of public relations, marketing and social media is necessary. Stronger candidates will have experience in non-academic, complex organizations focusing on human rights, social justice and/or civil rights.

About the Organization

Maintaining offices in 35 countries, Search is the largest dedicated peace-building organization in the world. Recognizing that conflict is inevitable, but violence is not, Search has worked since its founding in 1982 to end violent conflict through a practical peacebuilding approach called conflict transformation. Search views the inability to deal constructively with conflict as a root problem preventing progress on all other major humanitarian and development goals. Whether global in nature, such as poverty, hunger or the environment, or in the US on issues such as gun control or race relations, today’s problems require cooperation across boundaries, sectors, cultures, and political perspectives in order to achieve lasting change.

Through decades of experience in conflict zones such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, and the Middle East, Search has developed ways to improve interactions between groups of people in conflict. Search works at all levels of society to build sustainable peace by facilitating dialogue, producing and disseminating media for social change, and fostering community engagement across dividing lines.

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