10,000 Women: Grant-level data

    Devex Impact provides readers with an interactive spreadsheet tracking grants from the '10,000 Women' program, which aimed to provide training to global entrepreneurs like Xiaoyan Su, pictured here. Photo: Goldman Sachs Foundation.

    Devex Impact correspondent Lisa Chiu compiled this data on Goldman Sachs Foundation grants to 10,000 Women recipients using the company’s own private foundation tax returns from 2008-2011.

    (Interact with grant-level data in a searchable spreadsheet.)

    Except in a few cases where recipient names were corrected to conform - all the fields are as they appeared on the tax returns. For example, Columbia University Graduate School of Business was changed to Columbia Business School - which was more frequently used.

    The grants don’t reflect all organizations that benefited from the program, nor do their grant amounts reflect the total amount an organization received, as some grantee institutions hired subcontractors. For example, Keio University in Japan was a direct 10,000 Woman grantee but also partnered with another Goldman Sachs’ grantee, the Institute of International Education.

    The Thunderbird School of Global Management was also a 10,000 Woman grantee and a sub-grantee through the Inter-American Development Bank. To provide further context, Devex added a column to show the country of origin for the women that benefited from each grant.

    In some cases, more than one country benefited and in other cases it was impossible to determine based on the grant description and thus the field was left blank.

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