5 common global development CV mistakes

If you don’t submit your CV in the preferred format, recruiters are more likely to overlook your application, focusing instead on the ones they can more quickly review. Photo by: Flazingo Photos / CC BY-SA

Entire books can be — and have been — written about what not to do when applying to a job.

Much of the advice is expected and applies to a wide range of industries — global development included. Always customize your CV. Keep a cover letter to one page or less. Quantify your achievements. However, there are several common mistakes unique to global development hiring.

Make sure you didn’t do any of these five things when you applied to your last global development job.

1. You used the wrong CV template.

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This article was last updated on 14 November 2017

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    Kate Warren

    Kate Warren is Executive Vice President and resident talent and careers guru at Devex. With 15 years of global development recruitment experience advising international NGOs, consulting firms, and donor agencies, she has a finger on the pulse of hiring trends across the industry and insider knowledge on what it takes to break in.