Africa: $150 million for climate-related disaster risk insurance

Amid all the talk of "loss and damage" at COP21 in Paris, the climate change insurance conversation has gone mainstream. Mobilized to aid relief efforts when countries are hit by extreme weather events and natural disasters, could it be a tool to bridge the humanitarian financing gap?

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  • Bill Hinchberger

    Bill Hinchberger is a global communications professional and educator. He studied at Berkeley and has taught at the Sorbonne. Based mostly in Paris, he spends quality time in Brazil and the United States, and works extensively in Africa and Latin America. He has served as an international correspondent for The Financial Times, Business Week, ARTnews, Variety, and others. One current focus of his work is content creation for foundations, NGOs and other organizations, especially those working on issues related to international affairs, the environment and development. He also runs training programs for professional journalists, notably in Africa, and is an associate of Rain Barrel Communications, a leading consultancy for social justice projects.