After Africa, Cardno looks to expand in Latin America, Canada

    The Cardno logo on a building in Brisbane, Australia. Photo by: Commander Keane / CC BY-SA

    Following the recent change at the top, infrastructure and environmental services firm Cardno is now looking to expand its operations in Latin America and with the Canadian aid agency to increase its development footprint after last year’s focus on Africa.

    “An area where we have not been that active is in Latin America,” new CEO Michael Renshaw said in an exclusive interview with Devex. “We're seeing that there's more opportunities for us to deliver development outcomes in that market and we hope we can demonstrate that and deliver some quality projects in the coming 12 months, this year.”

    The Brisbane-based company, which employs almost 8,000 people in about 90 countries across the world, sees room for growth in both prospects.

    In the case of pursuing a stronger relationship with the Canadian International Development Agency, Renshaw — who took over the reins of Cardno just a week ago from Andrew Buckley — noted that expansion in Canada “would also be great if that was also an expansion of our development systems business — how we can support CIDA in [its] development outcomes.”

    The new chief executive added that the firm will continue to seek more opportunities in Africa and parts of Asia, in partnership with multilateral institutions and some of the world’s top donors.

    Want to know more about Cardno’s future plans and how Renshaw intends to lead the company? Check out the full interview for our executive members, including insights from the CEO on  AusAID’s integration into DFAT, the rise of emerging and non-traditional donors, and the rising importance of knowledge transfer, local ownership and private sector engagement.

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