Aid Operations Create Unwanted Effects in Haiti

The presence of numerous foreign aid groups in quake-hit Haiti has had unpleasant side effects.

As aid groups struggle to rehabilitate the Caribbean nation, an influx of foreign humanitarian workers in Haiti has sent housing prices soaring. Efforts to push through with November’s presidential election has also led to violent protests, while the cholera epidemic has reportedly been brought into the country by Nepalese troops from the United Nations peacekeeping mission, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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Haiti’s minority wealthy elite has been benefiting the most financially from the presence of foreign aid groups since they own car dealerships and rentals, telecommunications firms and office buildings, among others.

“You wonder where all the money is going besides seeing all the blans (whites) driving new 4-by-4s,” said Steeve Laguere, an aid worker, who has worked for Catholic Relief Services and Plan International. “And people are opening restaurants like there is no tomorrow.”

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