The World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C. Photo: © Deborah W. Campos / World Bank / CC BY-NC-ND

Landing a job with the World Bank Group is a highly competitive feat. Out of approximately 150,000 job applications they receive each year, only around 1.3 percent, or 2,000 people, are hired.

Their current 16,000 staff members are located across the globe, with just over half in the United States and Canada. While the majority of those are based in the Washington, D.C., head office, they have been purposely trying to decentralize in recent years, says Roberto Amorosino, senior human resources specialist. Less than 10 years ago, two-thirds of their staff were based in Washington, D.C. International hires for both the World Bank and International Finance Corporation are coordinated by the head office, while local hires are managed through country offices.

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