Applying to jobs online? Make sure you do these 3 things

Youth in Sri Lanka visit the Kekirawa Nenasala, a telecentre project by the government that provide them access to the Internet and be able to look for jobs, file online applications, and and create resumes. Photo by: Gates Foundation / CC BY-NC-ND

Many people will tell you that applying to jobs online is a fruitless effort and the way to land a job is through networking and referrals. While it is true that many positions are filled through personal connections, it is also true that many people do get hired simply by applying to a job online, even without an insider lead.

International development jobs can be competitive, particularly for those looking to break into the field or for generalist types of positions that may have broader selection criteria than highly specialized technical roles. For some of the most popular positions, recruiters may receive upwards of 300 applications. For well-known organizations like the United Nations or World Bank, the numbers can often total in the thousands. No wonder employers will sometimes choose to interview someone they know over wading through a sea of resumes.

But, employers don’t always know someone who is a right fit for the job, and even if they do, most employers want to make sure that they hire the best person for the job, not just the easiest.

To help make it easier for them to want to hire you, make sure you always do these three things when applying to jobs online.

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This article was last updated on 14 November 2017

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