Ask Devex: How to keep up with the ever-evolving CSR sector

Ask our special Devex panelists your questions about the ever-evolving field of corporate social responsibility

Governments and nonprofits aren’t the only ones funding international development — many companies do so, too. With a bigger push than ever before for both responsible and innovative business practices, as well as meaningful partnerships between public and private sectors, jobs in corporate social responsibility continue to take off. But these types of positions aren’t always clearly labeled “CSR,” and can benefit from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Last week, panelists with both public and private sector backgrounds helped to answer your questions on how the field of corporate social responsibility is changing and what skills are most relevant right now during our Ask Devex special edition, CSR careers: How to keep up with an ever-evolving field.

Devex members put Katherine Neebe, director of sustainability for Walmart, and Steven Rochlin, co-founder and co-CEO of IO Sustainability, to the test, inquiring how local community-based organizations can apply CSR in their work, for instance. Rochlin and Neebe gave advice on how to break into the field when many CSR staff members are hired internally and on how to present skills if trying to make a career transition.

Here’s a selection of questions and answers from this edition of the CrowdHall.  

What’s the best way to break into international development without having to start at entry-level work?
What skill sets are important?
Transitioning from contractor to private sector?
Tips for local organizations to apply CSR work?
What skill sets are applicable for CSR work?

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