Ask Devex: Landing a job with the UN

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Devex Executive Vice President Kate Warren returns to answer your career questions and help you land a job in the global development sector. This month’s Ask Devex looks at how to start working with the United Nations, among other common career challenges.

The U.N. is a diverse organization with many different individual agencies, explains Warren. Each has their own way of hiring, working, and evaluating. It is important to acknowledge this and look at the individual agencies, she advises, to hone in on the agencies that best align with your experience and networks.

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  • Emma smith

    Emma Smith

    Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.