Ask Devex: Transitioning into and within the development sector

An excerpt from the Ask Devex online event. Devex Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

In this month’s Ask Devex event, Kate Warren, Devex’s executive vice president, weighs in on some of the most pressing questions global development job seekers have about transitioning into and within the development sector. Hosted by Julie Weber, talent innovation specialist at Devex, Warren answers questions such as how to transition into development from the private sector, transitioning to and from a development consultant role, and how to tackle gaps in your CV.

“There is increasingly, not only an acceptance, but even an appetite for people who have private-sector and different background experience in development,” said Warren. “There’s a lot more partnership and overlap with the private sector, the worlds are really merging more.”

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  • Lottie Watters

    Lottie Watters formerly covered career and hiring trends, tips, and insights. Lottie has a background in geography and journalism, taking a particular interest in grassroots international development projects. She has worked with organizations delivering clean water and sanitation projects globally.