Abigail Seiff


Abby Seiff is an Associate Editor for Devex based in Cambodia, where she focuses on human rights, land issues, and politics. In addition to editing Devex's Asia coverage, she has been covering Southeast and South Asia since 2009, freelancing for Time, Newsweek, Al Jazeera, and others. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in anthropology.

Latest Articles

In Cambodia, payments to protect an endangered bird are no simple matter
19 Apr 2018

As direct payments gain traction across the sector, a conservation scheme in Cambodia could hold key lessons.

In the Mekong, questions arise over impact of favoring hydropower
11 Apr 2018

Despite some environmental campaigners’ best efforts, large hydropower projects have remained a cornerstone of development plans in the Mekong region for years. But as new bodies of data emerge on the real costs of major dams, nations are now showing signs of beginning to rethink their options.

As Cambodian repression worsens, donors fret over their responses
12 Dec 2017

While aid is meant to be conditional, rarely is it suspended for rights abuses or governance failings — and the Cambodian government knows that.

To tackle malnutrition, go fish
11 Dec 2017

Across the developing world, undernutrition has lifelong cognitive and economic impacts, and remains a leading cause of death for young children. Could fish be the solution?

Q&A: Kamal Kar on ending open defecation
21 Nov 2017

Nearly 900 million people still defecate in the open while billions more lack access to safe toilets. In order to end that by 2030, a behavioral shift is needed, argues the founder of Community Led Total Sanitation.

In Cambodia, a bold teaching program draws on international models and local context
17 Oct 2017

Siv Monirath spent his childhood bouncing around public schools in Phnom Penh and his young adulthood working with Teach for America. Now he's hoping his newly launched Teach for Cambodia can help transform public education with an unusual NGO model that could well offer insight to others.

In Cambodia, holdouts fight a rising tide
3 Aug 2017

As the nation's largest hydropower dam goes online, promising to reduce Cambodia's energy dependence on its neighbours, residents must make way. Hundreds of indigenous minorities are staging a last stand with the help of local activists.

How MIGA believes blended finance can help achieve the SDGs
19 Jul 2017

Political risk insurance and credit enhancement can help bring much-needed private sector investment to the most struggling nations, explains Karin Finkelston, vice president and chief operating officer of the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.

Q&A: Rockefeller's Ashvin Dayal on inclusive growth
18 Jul 2017

As the wealth gap widens in many developing countries, some are looking at how large-scale development projects can be carried out in a way that ensures economic growth reaches the last mile.

Q&A: CARE CEO Jamann on development challenges in ASEAN countries
22 May 2017

CARE International CEO Wolfgang Jamann was the sole civil society co-chair at WEF ASEAN. He sat down with Devex to speak about the challenges and changes in fundraising and partnerships, and the importance of working locally.