Aliyah Esmail


Aliyah Esmail is a freelance journalist and communications professional with a fascination for the economic and political realities facing nongovernmental organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Carlton University in journalism and film studies and is now working on a postgraduate certificate from the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute in Global Health. She has worked for the government of Canada as well as a number of international organizations.

Latest Articles

NGOs: Addicted to free intern labor?
14 Jul 2015

The debate is once again heating up about a practice that, depending on the viewpoint, is considered either mutually beneficial or exploitative: young graduates working for free to get their careers started in global development. Devex spoke to several interns, administrators and human resources professionals in Geneva — a key European development hub — to find out why interns continue to flock to the city.

Global Fund: Back in gear or spinning wheels?
25 Mar 2015

As the Global Fund begins work on its new five-year strategy, there remains some confusion about the processes under the new funding model and concern over eligibility criteria. Devex spoke to some of the Global Fund's implementing partners to get the inside track.

Swiss francs and NGOs: An unappreciated appreciation
10 Mar 2015

What impact does the Swiss National Bank's decision to abandon its minimum rate of 1.20 francs against the euro have on development organizations in Geneva? Devex takes a closer look.