Andrea Useem


As Associate Editor and Content Director for Devex Impact, Andrea creates and manages cutting-edge content on the intersection of business and international development. An experienced multimedia journalist, Andrea served as leadership editor at the Washington Post and spent three years as a foreign correspondent in Eastern Africa reporting for publications including the Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Latest Articles

GAVI’s David Ferreira: Private sector to boost vaccine supply-chain effectiveness
30 Sep 2013

Speaking with Devex Impact on the sidelines of the Clinton Global Initiative annual conference in New York last week, the GAVI Alliance’s David Ferreira described the difficulties of managing a global cold-chain for vaccines and announced two new initiatives for improving those supply chains.

Multinationals announce $1.5 billion commitment to source globally from women-owned business
25 Sep 2013

Today at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, two NGOs at the forefront of women’s economic empowerment, Vital Voices and WeConnect, announced a commitment with 21 partners, including 14 multinationals, to source $1.5 billion globally from women-owned businesses by 2018.

Bringing a 'culture of measurement' to women's economic empowerment
20 Sep 2013

How did Goldman Sachs use real-time data collection to improve their women’s entrepreneurship initiative? Join the conversation with Goldman Sachs’ Noa Meyer, Bridgespan’s Jeri Eckhardt Queenan, and Women’s World Banking’s Harsha Rodrigues.

New York #globaldev Week 2013: Are you ready?
19 Sep 2013

Want comprehensive coverage of next week’s Clinton Global Initiative, Social Good Summit, United Nations General Assembly and other international development events in Manhattan? Here’s what you can expect from Devex.

A brief history of USAID-Wal-Mart partnerships
12 Sep 2013

USAID and Wal-Mart this week inked a deal for the agency to use the retail giant’s supply chains to distribute food aid worldwide. Check out our selection of joint projects between both entities since 2002.

How should NGOs position themselves in a world of development partnerships?
5 Sep 2013

Devex Impact readers sound off on whether and how NGOs should engage corporates who want to invest in emerging markets.

Why don’t companies want to talk about shared value?
29 Aug 2013

One of the most exciting and innovative ideas behind today’s public-private partnership is “shared value,” the notion that companies can increase their competitiveness by solving social and economic challenges. So why are some of those who are deeply engaged in this work so reluctant to talk about it?

IBM in Africa: 'We intend to grow rapidly'
20 Aug 2013

By choosing to locate its 12th global research lab in Nairobi, Kenya, IBM is signaling its desire to help find ‘local solutions’ to development challenges, said Tim Docking, who heads the company’s Emerging Markets Funding group. In an exclusive interview, he told Devex Impact where the company sees business opportunity on the continent.

Brookings debate: Time for a 'new language of business impact'
5 Aug 2013

This week development policy makers, practitioners and social entrepreneurs gather in Aspen, Colorado, for the 10th Annual Blum Roundtable on Global Development. This year’s topic: Private sector engagement. Devex Impact editor Andrea Useem looks at the policy brief that shaped the conversation.

Two reasons companies avoid measuring corporate citizenship programs
30 Jul 2013

International corporate volunteerism is an increasingly popular tool for companies to explore new markets and engage employees, but many companies shy away from measuring their programs’ effectiveness. Farron Levy, president of consulting firm True Impact, explains why companies shouldn’t fear the numbers.