Augusto Castro-Nuñez


Augusto Castro-Nuñez is a researcher on sustainable food systems at CIAT and works to identify ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, forestry and land uses, while promoting sustainable low-carbon food production. He was part of the Peruvian climate change negotiating team from 2009 to 2011 and designed the country’s REDD+ readiness strategy and related projects. He holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Latest Articles

Opinion: We can do better to achieve zero deforestation and low-carbon development
9 Mar 2018

Experts propose a broader approach to zero deforestation and low-carbon development, by promoting sustainable agricultural practices, improving land use policies, and developing a sustainable food system.

Opinion: How climate finance links forest conservation, peacebuilding, and sustainable food
17 Nov 2017

Climate expert Augusto Castro explains the relationship between promoting peace, conserving forests, and achieving sustainable food production. From Colombia to the DRC, seemingly intractable problems can, in fact, be solved together and help fight global warming.