Benjamin Kumpf


Benjamin Kumpf is working on social innovation for the United Nations Development Program, exploring new and emerging data for development, behavioral insights, lean and agile development and other extraordinary topics to change business as usual.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Solving last mile challenges: The potential of behavioral insights for the 2030 Agenda
1 Nov 2016

Traditional economic models are often insufficient for effective policymaking. New behavioral insights about how people make decisions matter for development and Agenda 2030. UNDP's Benjamin Kumpf explores specific country examples that have drawn on these behavioral insights.

What the public sector can learn from startups
8 Jun 2016

We are seeing more governments and international organizations embracing innovation to transform bureaucracies, bringing together an increased focus on data and evidence. Benjamin Kumpf, policy specialist for innovation at UNDP, explores a practical approach to innovation for development with lessons learned from startups.

Changing the discourse on humanitarian innovations and partnerships
31 May 2016

How is innovation changing the way we respond to crises? Innovation specialist Benjamin Kumpf of the U.N. Development Program sets out a few tricks of the trade.

6 ways to innovate for 2030
19 Apr 2016

As the global development community focuses on implementing the SDGs, the agenda must include new and innovative processes, technologies, and ways of using existing technology. UNDP's Benjamin Kumpf offers six ways to leverage innovation for Agenda 2030.

Ending violence against women: 3 ways to innovate
25 Nov 2015

In this guest column Benjamin Kumpf, UNDP policy specialist for innovation, makes the case for embracing social innovation approaches to address violence against women and girls in development and humanitarian settings more effectively.

6 ways to innovate for development in 2015 and beyond
19 May 2015

As negotiations on finalizing the new development agenda heat up, one thing is clear: Delivering on these goals will require investment in innovation. Here are some areas identified over the past year where the U.N. Development Program will seek to innovate in 2015 and beyond.