Dani Patteran


Dani Patteran is a freelance journalist and researcher based in Yangon, Myanmar. With a background in humanitarian aid, she covers humanitarian and development stories in Myanmar for a range of outlets. Prior to Myanmar, she lived and worked in the Palestinian territories and South Sudan.

Latest Articles

Myanmar government: Aid should be open and transparent for good development
5 Jan 2015

The Myanmar government tells Devex that greater transparency around aid flows is a priority for ensuring that foreign assistance to the country is effective, and introduces a new aid tracking database.

Aid actors face 'humanitarian trap' in Rakhine crisis
10 Nov 2014

Humanitarian actors delivering assistance in Rakhine state must grapple with hostility and attacks in a highly politicized context where delivery of needs-based aid is often accused of bias.

Draft government plan signals challenges ahead for aid work in Myanmar state
31 Oct 2014

A leaked government action plan on the crisis in Myanmar's western Rakhine state suggests future ethical dilemmas for aid groups on the ground. A Devex analysis.

Foreign aid in Myanmar: A precarious balance
3 Jun 2014

International donors and aid groups keen to push development in Myanmar are negotiating a delicate balance between delivering the proper assistance to drive reforms and the risks of moving too fast. A Devex report from the country commonly known as Burma.

What it's really like to be an emergency response officer
22 Oct 2013

Emergency response doesn’t typically conjure the image of desk work, but this is as important a role as any. Dani Patteran reflects on the surprises, challenges and rewards of working as part of an emergency response team in Myanmar.